Argao torta is delicious but I have my favorites from among the town’s many bakers.

If you want to know who makes the best torta de Argao, you need to find out what the bakers use when they create this Cebu delicacy that is a popular pasalubong or take-home gift of town visitors.

One of Argao’s torta makers, Jessie Magallones, said tortas are traditionally baked in the hurno (clay oven) and use tuba (coconut wine) as leavening.

The best-tasting ones are still those made using traditional methods, she added.

Torta recipe

Argao torta and sikwate
Argao torta is best paired with the town’s signature sikwate (hot choco).

Unfortunately, according to Magallones, several Argao torta bakers now utilize modern ovens and yeast for leavening.

Argao bakers use the same basic ingredients like flour, eggs, and sugar in a torta recipe. The varied taste of the torta is a result of the differences in the amount of ingredient used and baking method, she explained.

Magallones shared her secrets to baking delicious Argao torta in a previous post.

Trying the home-made torta is one of top to-do things in Argao. Even better is pairing the torta with sikwate, a local term for hot chocolate made using the bitter chocolate rounds created by drying, roasting, and then grinding cacao beans. Tableya and torta are two indigenous industries in Argao started way back during Spanish colonial times.

Torta makers

One of Argao’s homemade torta makers is Jessie Magallones. You can buy torta at her bakery located just beside her home in Barangay Canbanua. She can serve you torta and sikwate at an open native cottage beside her house in Barangay Canbanua.

To contact her, call (landline) 367-7455 or (mobile) 0947-6994027.

Other Argao torta makers in the town and their contact details:

Chitang’s Torta | 485-8095 or 09204046002
Oj’s Torta | 367-7572
Argao Bakeshop | 367-7253

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