Whether you are to file, track, and manage your leaves or get paid for an overtime and view your payslip, all these can now be done online and even on mobile with the newly released payroll system called Ashima.

Ashima integrates Human Resource (HR) processes from employee onboarding to payroll management, that is government compliant, and in a user-friendly platform. It is highly flexible to suit company’s needs.

Then exploring the benefits of integrating technology into traditional business practices can reveal significant efficiency gains. For those looking to optimize their financial workflows, comprehensive services for payroll management offer a promising solution. By automating routine tasks, companies can focus more on strategic planning and less on mundane administrative duties.

Joe Mercado, the CEO of Cebu-based IT company Konsum Technologies Inc., said that the strength of Ashima is its ability to customize. “Ashima means ‘limitless’. Everything here is parameterized. You can make employees’ passwords expire or not. Everything depends on you.”

Transparency is another thing. With Konsum’s payroll system, employees who go on field are able to clock in.

Mercado said there are three ways to logged in the app and these are via kiosk, desktop, and mobile.

“If you use mobile, it automatically takes your GPS and snaps a selfie of you. It’s transparency,” he added. “When you file an adjustment and its pending and your supervisor doesn’t act on it, his or her head will know.”

Ashima Konsum
MOBILE. Screenshots of the Ashima app.

App features

Aside from the leave and overtime application online, Ashima is also able to accommodate change schedule requests, give real-time count of available leaves, view work schedules, access payroll history and many more.

The payroll system is highly configurable, easy to setup and can even carry more than one company.

“It sits on cloud, hence no security issues. All data are encrypted so nobody can see it. The communication is also secure via ssl,” said Mercado.

He added that Ashima can handle all pay scenarios from weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.

For the side of the HR department, it becomes easier to consolidate employee data as Ashima captures information real time and goes on a cloud storage.

With all the features mentioned, Ashima is reasonably priced starting at P50 per employee per month for a minimum of 25 employees.

Ashima payroll
Konsum Technologies Inc. CEO Joe Mercado (third from left) talks about the features of their newly released payroll system Ashima.

First clients

Mercado meantime shared that it took his company almost three years to develop Ashima.

“Very late last year, we started offering the system to Cebu companies. Most of our first clients are from the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry. They are adaptive to technology. Then we had Construction companies,” he said, adding that they are now offering Ashima to Manila.

To learn more about Ashima, visit its website at www.ashima.ph or get in touch with their Sales Team at email address [email protected], telephone number +63.32.4127888 or mobile number +63.9176258603.

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