Are you someone who spends much of the day hunched over a laptop for work and then proceeds to plop down the couch or bed only now bent over a phone browsing through memes and posts? Suddenly, you complain about bursts of pain from your aching back. A familiar scene, right?

You are not alone. One of our modern-day woes is our sad state of posture which results in pain. It is estimated that around 80% of Filipino adults suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

Correcting posture and providing people the chance to get back the joy of living life to the fullest is the mission of BackJoy, the leading global provider of products that improve posture.

“We tend to sit for long hours, and sometimes, we don’t even notice it. This is the root of the problem,” said Antonio Lorenzo Bonoan, brand executive of BackJoy Philippines.

The pandemic has only worsened our bad habits. Especially with the shift in lifestyle, more people are becoming slaves to their devices and poor posture has become somewhat of an epidemic.

Humans are simply not meant to sit still for long hours. To keep up, other parts of the body compromise resulting in less balance that ultimately leads to pain. This then causes a number of other problems that affect your quality of life.

According to Dr. Barry Kluner, BackJoy’s posture consultant, taking regular posture breaks are needed now more than ever.

Kluner, who is also a certified chiropractor and postural neurologist, recommends that people should follow the 30:30 rule.

“For every 30 minutes of sitting, simply make a postural change for just 30 seconds by moving about,” he said.

Standing up, taking a short walk, filling up your water bottle, or playing with your pets— there are so many small and easy yet impactful ways to improve your posture.

A decade of improved posture

Since it arrived in the Philippines last 2012, BackJoy has also steadily equipped countless Filipinos with solutions that help them get better posture.

“We strive to integrate better posture in the everyday life of Filipinos so that we can help them enjoy life fully,” Bonoan said.

Between work and play, Backjoy wants Filipinos to feel the comfort that proper posture brings.

Across the years, they supported fitness and yoga enthusiasts to attain more harmony by regularly having sessions that combine the practice with their products.

Bonoan said these groups are well aware of the importance of a good core that’s why it’s a natural fit for us to connect with them.

From fitness buffs, the brand is setting its sights on another group of people breaking their backs everyday. Targeting perennially seated office workers, Backjoy will let them borrow products for a time to let them experience the change firsthand.

“Everyone has a spine and back. And properly activating the core muscles is essential to attaining a good and stable posture,” Bonoan said.

With BackJoy, he added, it is easy to activate it and maintain better movement overall.

For its initial run, the program will be implemented in chosen offices of Concentrix, a BPO company, across Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. The workers can then purchase their own products after the trial period at a discounted rate.

Through this initiative, Bonoan said that the aim is for more people to feel the “freeing power of a healthy back.”

“Whether we are working from home or back to the office now, we can still carry our habits of bad posture. It’s a reminder that they can work better without breaking their back,” Bonoan added.

Another exciting thing to look forward to is that BackJoy Philippines will be releasing new products in the coming days.

Their ultra-plush and super premium SitSmart Core LUX Collection will soon be available in the sophisticated Mocha color.

“It’s made from more premium materials yet still champions the ergonomic design of BackJoy. It is our brand of comfort that’s elevated further,” Bonoan added.

Backed by love and care

It all started from a place of genuine love. BackJoy was created because a son wanted to ease the back pain of his father in 1984. From its humble beginnings, the brand grew to changing lives in more than 20 countries.

“From then to the future, we are dedicated to helping the world sit, stand, sleep and move better,” said Doreen Lee, BackJoy’s regional director for sales and marketing in Asia.

Lee added that for over 30 years now, the brand has designed ergonomic and functional solutions so everyone can enjoy the ultimate comfort through improved body posture.

“Across the globe, we have helped more than five million people live better lives by improving their posture,” she said.

For Lee, people are now realizing the need for more balance in their life. Backjoy effectively supports them by letting everyone experience “impactful change that comes from the inside out.”

Better posture for a better future

Backjoy is fully committed to helping everyone ease their discomfort and empower them to develop better posture habits.

Bad posture isn’t always our fault but not doing something to solve it is. Knowing that you can get wrapped up in work while glued to your screen should be a cause for concern.

“We need an overall lifestyle improvement. Sometimes, it can start with proper posture,” Kluner said.

Backjoy, he added, is here to support everyone’s back through effective and comfy posture correction products..

“We have products for sitting, walking, and sleeping. These are all aimed to help you attain a better quality of life,” Kluner said.

To know more about Backjoy, go to their website or follow them on their socials at @backjoyphilippines for both Facebook and Instagram. BackJoy is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies. works with the top brands in the country to reach out to the Cebu market. For inquiries, please send an email to [email protected].