Island visits, fish feeding and snorkeling, and food make up the fun experience called Boodle on the Boat that’s now being offered by Be Resorts Mactan.

The sea off the island of Hilutungan is the best place to do the feeding and snorkeling since it has been declared a marine sanctuary and schools of fish congregate in the area.

Be Resorts Boodle on the Boat
BOODLE FIGHT ON THE HIGH SEAS. Be Resorts Mactan brings the boodle fight dining experience to the seas off Mactan Island. The package combines 2 of the top things to do in Cebu: hit the beach and sample the delicious local fare. (Photo by Max Limpag)

Good for 4 to 6 persons, the Boodle on the Boat provides two menus to choose from: Sunny Seaside and Big Beach, said Be Resorts marketing communications assistant Therese Carmita Maligon. It is better to check out the link for information on boat.

Boodle On The Boat options
DELICIOUS COMBO. The Boodle on the Boat package offers 2 variations: Sunny Seaside and Big Beach. (Photo by Max Limpag)

The Big Beach features Filipino favorites like crispy pata, bangus, beef dish, and grilled chicken plus rice. The Sunny Seaside has grilled pork belly and chicken, shrimp, beef dish, and eggplant.

The dining concept has its roots from the “boodle fight,” a style of communal eating where people gather around a table on which rice and viand are laid out, traditionally on banana leaves or newspapers, for everyone to eat with their hands. The boodle fight is said to have originated from the shared meal practice of soldiers.

Be Resorts Boodle On the Boat
CHECK OUT THE VIEW. Eating lunch with this view has to rank way high in your to-do list when in Cebu. (Photo by Max Limpag)

In Be Resort’s Boodle on the Boat, you have the option to use plates and you are provided with plastic gloves.

Boodle on the Boat

Boodle on the Boat is for a minimum of four at P2,300 per person, said Maligon

It comes with complimentary drinks, boodle food, and two island visits on a motorized outrigger boat, she added. Equipment is provided for the fish feeding and snorkeling activities and entrance fees are included in the Boodle on the Boat package.

Be Resorts Sulpa Island
SULPA ISLAND. This was our second stop after Hilutungan.

This new Be Resorts Mactan offering can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 to 25 persons. The boat leaves the resort for the islands of Hilutungan and Sulpa at around 11 a.m.

Boodle on the Boat is an offshoot of Be Resort’s Boodle on the Beach. Its dinner setup is on the sand as the sun goes down and torches are lighted up. The Boodle on the Beach is P1,800 per person.

Be Resorts Boodle On The Boat
BACK TO THE RESORT. The kids sit on the bow as we head back to Be Resorts after a fun day island-hopping. (Photo by Max Limpag)

Some more photos of our enjoyable boodle experience:

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