This branch of Bo’s Coffee is at the center of the tourism enclave in Datag, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City. It is a veritable Republic of Korea, with the sprouting of foreign, mostly Korean, shops and restaurants and the influx of droves upon busloads of Korean tourists.

But whenever we need to work outside the house but still stay in Lapu-Lapu City and away from the horrific, energy-sucking and productivity-killing traffic of Mandaue City, our top choice is this coffee shop located in a small commercial complex less than a kilometer away from JPark Island Resort and Waterpark.

Bo's Coffee in Datag Maribago
BO’S COFFEE IN DATAG, MARIBAGO. This branch of the popular Cebu-based coffee chain is a recommended Digital Nomad hotspot: great coffee, good food, strong wireless Internet and a quiet environment for work.

Four things make Bo’s Coffe in Datag, Maribago a great location for #DigitalNomad work:

1) Great connectivity (cafe Wi-Fi is pretty decent and there is strong and stable Smart LTE signal. Note: Smart LTE is our benchmark because it’s the one we use).

2) It has a good cafe environment for work. There are no loud-mouthed customers screaming at each other while talking and the piped-in music isn’t too loud.

3) It has great-tasting coffee. Bo’s Coffee prides itself with the quality of their products and doesn’t disappoint.

4) It has good food. The cafe serves good food choices. We love its croissants.

The couple of times we were at the coffee shop, it wasn’t too crowded or too noisy. We were productive there: writing stories we needed to finish on deadline and coding some apps we were working on.

Bo's Coffee in Datag, Maribago
WHERE WE WORK. Bo’s Coffee in Datag, Maribago is one of our favorite spots for an afternoon of writing or coding.


Connectivity: 9
The café’s Wi-Fi offers good speed. Site has strong Smart LTE signal.

Power source: 8
The cafe has ample power outlets for its users. But it doesn’t offer as many outlets as Figaro, which seems to be the standard when it comes to cafe power sources in Cebu.

Work ambience: 9
Cafe isn’t noisy the times we were there.

Coffee: 8
Good tasting coffee. They feature coffees brewed from beans grown in several coffee-growing areas of the country like Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato, Benguet and Mt. Kitanglad.

Food: 8
Bo’s serves good food. Our favorite is its croissants.

Parking: 8
The building where it is located has parking for about 10 vehicles, enough on a slow day but a challenge when the cafe is packed.

CR: 8
It doesn’t have its own CR but the shared facility is clean and accessible.

(Are you a digital nomad? Have you worked here? Share your experience in a comment below.)

Max Limpag is a journalist, blogger, and developer based in Cebu. He started as a reporter covering Cebu City Hall in 1996. He has written on technology for various print and digital publications since...

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