Young entrepreneur Andre Allen Suarez was traveling through New York and London in 2018 when he decided to look for the best doughnuts to bring home.

He found them in London.

Suarez liked the stuffed doughnuts so much, he took a short course to learn how to bake them. “I began to think about the business aspect of it. I believe it’s an underserved market that I can enter,” he said in an interview.

Andre Allen Suarez
Andre Allen Suarez

Fast forward to December 7, 2019, Suarez introduced Brick Lane Doughnuts to selected guests to serve as preview for today’s opening day.

Brick Lane Doughnuts classic, premium offerings

The London-style doughnuts are now available at Suarez’s doughnut shop in Axis Entertainment Avenue, Escario St., Cebu City.

Brick Lane Doughnuts features stuffed delights bursting with the classic flavors of dulce de leche, creme brulee, strawberry, ube, mocha, and chocolate. It also carries doughnut rings with toppings that combine dark chocolate with cereal, sprinkles, or white chocolate syrup.

Brick Lane Donuts

A box of six doughnuts in classic flavors is sold at P290. Half a dozen specialty doughnuts are priced at P360.

Suarez said he would soon serve the perfect hot drink, craft coffee, to pair with his doughnuts. For now, though, check out Brick Lane Doughnuts in Axis and get a taste of these popular London delights in Cebu.

Brick Lane Doughnuts box

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