This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, May 17, 2016.

AFTERMATH. Party-goers sleep in the sidewalk after a night of drinking during the Sinulog Mardi Gras. With Duterte's 1 a.m. liquor ban and a ban on public drinking, such scenes may no longer be seen next year. ( file photo)
AFTERMATH. Party-goers sleep in the sidewalk after a night of drinking during the Sinulog Mardi Gras. With Duterte’s 1 a.m. liquor ban and a ban on public drinking, such scenes may no longer be seen next year. ( file photo)

Bars willing to implement liquor ban

PARTY goers in Cebu may have to adjust their lifestyle under the Duterte administration. Duterte announced a ban on liquour sales from 1 a.m., a curfew on un-escorted minors at 10 p.m. and a ban on smoking in public places.

Bar owners in Cebu requested a consultation before the ban could be implemented but also said they are willing to implement it.

If it will be implemented nationwide, the party goers will just have to adjust. Clubs and bars will have to follow rules, but it doesn’t mean that the partying has to stop. They can just adjust the time, party earlier…after dinner and to finish early…around 1 a.m. There is a plus side to this. When we party early, then go home early, our bodies recover faster since there would barely be any hangover and since we have rested well. The next day isn’t wasted. Kenneth Dong, CEO of Live Super Club.

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Rama accepts defeat, moves on

AFTER promising to hold daily protest rallies at Cebu City Hall, outgoing Mayor Mike Rama, who lost to rival Tomas Osmena by over 30,000 votes has finally conceded and is ready to leave City Hall.  Rama also said he’s ready to return to the private sector and to join civic and chruch organizations after his term. However, he said the legal battle questioning the results of the polls will continu.

We can’t put the City of Cebu in jeopardy. Governance has to proceed and Team Rama will continue to be around, wa’y biyaay. Having our prayer rallies for days will no longer do good. But legal will have to proceed. Mayor Mike Rama.

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Cebu Daily News: Rama prepares to leave office, but vows to continue helping party.

Freeman: After 24 years of continued service, Rama to take first vacation.

Freeman: Tom sees no need for transistion team, says he can take over in two hours

Tomas offers P50K reward for every drug lord, robber killed.

INCOMING mayor Tomas Osmena says he is offering a P50,000 incentive for every drug lord, robber or criminal killed by the Cebu City Police Office in the line of duty. Osmena formed a crime-suppresion hunters team in his previous term but is leaving it to the police to form such team now.

If they can form that team, it can be their extra source of livelihood…I have a general message for the police: if you kill a drug lord in the line of duty, you get P50,000, basta legal or in the line of duty. Tomas Osmena.

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Gov. Davide promises change in new term

GOV. Hilario Davide urged lazy workers in the province to change or leave. Davide, who beat Winston Garcia by a narrow margin in the last polls, said there will be changes to make the province’s services more efficient.

Gov. Davide and I are humbled. We are inspired. And with more enthusiasm, we will serve the Cebuano community. Vice governor Agnes Magpale.

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Other Cebu Stories.

Sun.Star Cebu: Heavy volume blamed for bridge traffic

Sun.Star Cebu: CPA to dispose of rotting meat in compound

Sun.Star Cebu: With Dumpit’s release, victim’s ma, grand ma move on

Sun.Star Cebu: Carmen Copper workers hold rally against retrenchment

Sun.Star Cebu: City Council to reduce P9 billion budget for Cebu City

Freeman: LTO warns motorists on using DU30 plates

Freeman: Rama says Dumpit is not a solution to crime

Cebu Daily News: Six-year-old injured in escalator ride

Cebu Daily News: Davide urges workers to change habits

Cebu Daily News: PRO 7 welcomes Dumpit, says he will be a big asset

Cebu Business News.

Sun.Star Cebu: PCC lauds Duterte’s 8-point economic agenda

Freeman: Economist assured by continuity, urges Duterte to work on ‘hard’ reforms

Freeman: Author sees MSMEs success in Apec zone inclusion

Cebu Daily News: Economic reforms to continue under President Duterte

Cebu Sports News.

Sun.Star Cebu: Monjas, Ramirez top Argao trail run

Freeman: TCC dancesports bets shine in Hong Kong

Cebu Daily News: PHL youth team tops Thailand tournament

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