Cebu Business Park (CBP), Cebu’s central business district, has designated bike lanes within estate roads to ensure a safe and convenient ride for those cycling to work. The move is a respond to the growing trend of bike commuting as a sustainable mode of transportation.

The 7-kilometer bike lane network spreads on the main streets of CBP, which include, Mindanao Ave, Luzon Ave, Cardinal Rosales Ave, Leyte Loop, Samar Loop, Negros Road, Sumilon, and Pescadores.

The bike lanes are already operational and are exclusive to bicycles. The lanes are physically marked with safety bollards, which serve as an added safety feature. Building a safe network of lanes for the bicycle-riding public will benefit frontline workers, residents, and employees who ply the estate’s roads.

Bike racks have also been deployed in 13 areas around CBP and can accommodate up to 421 bikes. Bike lanes are essential for building more sustainable and more livable communities. Keeping roads and sidewalks safe for active mobility and alternate modes of transportation such as biking will create less need for cars. These activities also promote a healthier lifestyle.

This move is also in support of the government’s National Transport Policy, which promotes inclusivity and people-oriented mobility.

In addition to these infrastructure, the estate will also be working with local cycling communities for information sessions on road safety.

The bike lane road network of the Cebu Business Park Association, Inc. (CBPAI) is just the first phase of many upcoming projects in the pipeline for 2021, aimed at better service for the community.

In the next few years, CBPAI is set to embark on a multi-million redevelopment plan to enhance its facilities and walkway system.

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