Craving any of Cebu delicacies like the Argao torta, Bogo pintos, or Carcar chicharon?

For the whole month of August, you don’t need to travel two to three hours to buy Cebu specialty products as countryside cottage industries have come to sell these in the ongoing Agro-Trade Fair 2014 at the Capitol compound along Osmeña Boulevard in Cebu City.

Just by walking a few short steps from stall to stall, you get access to many products from Cebu places that are several kilometers from each other.

Cebu delicacies

capitol agro-trade fair
These radishes are among the fresh produce being sold at the Capitol Agro-Trade Fair 2014 in Cebu City.

Get the cabcab from Tudela, budbud from Sogod, polvoron from San Fernando, dried dish from Bantayan, and ampao from Carcar in one spot. Tudela, a town in the island of Poro, sells food products made from cassava: cookies and cabcab. Cabcab is a thin and crisp wafer eaten paired with latik, a sweet syrup derived from coconut milk.

Rice crispies and durable shoes that are trademark goods of the southern town of Carcar are also on display as well as household furniture and home implements fashioned from wood and rattan.

bogo pintos
Pintos from Bogo

The main ingredient of the budbud is sticky rice. In one kind, the rice is ground and mixed with chocolate. Another is made with whole grains.

Fruits, vegetables

Fresh produce from farms in various towns like Moalboal, Cordova, Barili and even Busay and Sirao in City City occupy several of the makeshift kiosks. Vegetables like squash, radish, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants, string beans as well as fruits like avocado, banana, coconut, and jackfruit are being sold at the fair.

busay plants
Flowering and decorative plants from Busay.

The barangays of Busay and Siraw also sell decorative and flowering plants at the agro-trade fair, one of the activities of Cebu’s 445th Founding Anniversary that falls on August 6, 2014.

It is being held behind the Cebu Provincial Capitol along Osmeña Boulevard in Cebu City.

Marlen is the editor of and co-founder of Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media.

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