CELINE Mix Group (CMG) takes inspiration from the Spring 2011 runway by bringing the fresh and feminine into its footwear.

Wooden clogs, strappy sandals, and sky-high wedges are making their way back into CMG’s closets to complement this season’s biggest looks: cropped 70’s sophisticated glamour to 60’s ladylike dresses that foster femininity and accentuate women’s curves.

Hong Kong brands Staccato, Oro Nero, Matthews, and Lewre take the spotlight at CMG stores to complete Spring 2011’s loungewear motif.

Available for P1,499 at any Celine Mix Group (CMG) outlet.

CMG, a mix of international labels of ladies high fashion footwear and accessories, does not fail to keep up with the hottest runway trends that lean towards lace, sheer textures, and crochet detailing.

CMG footwear and accessories go hand-in-hand with this season’s maxi dresses, cropped blouses, and wide-legged pants as well as fresh spring colors like pastels, enchanted, underwater, and tropical shades that celebrate the beauty of spring.
Its shoes, mostly crafted from wood and woven straw, highlight the freshness of Spring 2011 fashion, evoking a feeling of lightness and airiness, while leather and stud details bring out their edgy feel.

Colorful sandals mimic the flowers of spring. CMG brings this season’s runway trends to everyday fashion. It celebrates and epitomizes the quintessential lady of the time- hip yet elegant, edgy yet feminine.


Available for P1,499 at any Celine Mix Group outlets.

Available for P1,799  at any Celine Mix Group outlet.

Available for P1,999 at any Celine Mix Group outlet.

Marlen is the editor of MyCebu.ph and co-founder of Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media.

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