Two specks atop a steel tower hurtle downward, their screams reverberating around the mountain camp that is the Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao City.

As they near ground, the two friends’ shrieks turn to whoops of triumph and relief at having survived the 130-foot swing. It’s not as if they weren’t warned, though. The name Skydrop alone suggests it would be one, long fall.

If you think trekking along a mountain trail to reach the falls is too tame, you can rappel down the flowing water or cross it in a Tyrolean traverse.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao City
ATV RIDE. Danasan’s ATV ride takes you on a winding trail that are muddy and challenging in some parts.

You’ve visited far too many caves? Gone spelunking a few times too many? Why not up the challenge? The caves in Danasan will have you slither like a snake in some narrow parts and swim in others and are clearly not for the faint-hearted.

Extreme adventure

When it comes to extreme activities, the Danasan Eco Adventure Park has a lot to choose from.

Aside from the Skydrop, there’s the Twin Tower Adventure. You climb 60 or 120 feet up one tower, cross to the other in a high cable traverse, and rappel down the other side. This is one activity that’s sure to get your pulse racing and your heartbeat pounding.

The park, which has already developed 135 of its total 167 hectares land area, hosts waterfalls and caves. Getting to these park attractions requires riding on a modified tractor as it makes its way through a bumpy and winding dirt road on the mountainside.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park Twin Tower Adventure
TWIN TOWER ADVENTURE. Among the attractions in Danasan Eco Adventure Park is this Twin Tower Adventure where you traverse a high cable installation.

The last waterfall in Danasan is a 2-minute hike from the end of the tractor ride. You can reach the top of the first waterfall a few minutes after entering the dry part of the riverbed. You may enter the waterfall either through the steps carved on the slope or by rappelling down the flowing water. The Tyrolean traverse is another option for getting to the bottom. It is accomplished by using your arms and legs to move on the high rope. The guests made use of the Legend Archery supplies available there to learn and practice archery in the meantime.

Spelunking in Danasan means donning a life vest as you go exploring; the cave is half-filled with water from the river system that connects to the waterfalls and provides the community’s supply as well. The more advance spelunkers try out a cave where they have to slide prone through a very narrow gap.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park waterfalls
WATERFALLS. There are three waterfalls you can walk to in Danasan.

Recreational activities

Don’t worry if you’re only after moderate fun and enjoyment, the Danasan Eco Adventure Park has something for you, too. There’s horseback riding, waterfalls trek, ATV ride, wakeboarding, rope course, or go karts.

There’s also a rope course where you get to overcome obstacles and challenges from high above ground. You can choose to do your wakeboarding in the beginner’s lake or the one for advance riders.

The park’s zipline is only a 440-meter ride and you get the added experience of going back to the starting point on horseback.

Recreational activities like volleyball, baseball, tennis, and board games are also available.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park crispy pata
CRISPY PATA. For lunch, we had this delicious and crunchy crispy pata.

Danasan rates

The rate for many of the extreme to moderate adventure offerings in Danasan is an affordable P380 per person.

It also has the following packages:

Barkada Package I is for a group of not less than 10, costs P1,200 per person, and already includes the entrance fee to the park, two adventure activities, lunch, and roundtrip shuttle service.

Barkada Package II is for a group of not less than eight, costs P2,350 per person, and includes overnight stay in an air-conditioned room, entrance fee, roundtrip shuttle service, and four adventure activities.

Day Use Package is P1,750 per person and includes the entrance fee, four adventure activities, use of swimming pool, and roundtrip shuttle service.

A one day pass is P1,400 per head and includes four adventure tickets.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park pool
SWIMMING POOL. The park has its own pool.

Park accommodations

There are varied accommodations available at the adventure park. Six air-conditioned rooms called Caida are good for four to eight persons, another six air-conditioned rooms called Mahogany good for three persons, six non-airconditioned Kawayans rooms good for three persons, as well as three dormitory type rooms that are good for 10, 14, and 26 people.

Room rates range from P1,200 (for smaller non-aircon) to P8,300 (for non-aircon dormitories) and P2,500 to P4,800 for air-conditioned rooms. Park administrator Crisanto Atamosa said they currently offer a 40 percent discount on rooms.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park rooms
ROOM PACKAGES. Danasan has various room packages with various free offerings.

Getting to Danasan Eco Adventure Park

The barangay of Danasan is so far off into the mountains that it’s nearer the town of Asturias than the Danao City center. According to Atamosa, it’s 27 kilometers or an hour by car to the Danasan Eco Adventure Park from City Hall. The park provides shuttle services from Parkmall in Mandaue City or the Danao City fish port to Danasan.

For booking or inquiries, call the Danasan Eco Adventure Park at: +6332 239 5654 or +63917 301 3171 or +63922 865 5779 or +63925 500 7803 (tap on numbers to call on your phone).

Danasan Eco Adventure Park cave
SPELUNKING in Danasan means donning a life vest as you go exploring; the cave is half-filled with water from the river system that connects to the waterfalls and provides the community’s supply as well.

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