Dell Technologies introduced its newest commercial mobile PC line designed and tested to withstand some of the harshest and most demanding environments. The Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged, a 5G-capable 14” semi-rugged laptop; and the Dell Latitude 7330, a 5G-capable 13” fully-rugged laptop, are ideal for field professionals such as first responders, manufacturing workers, or military members, enabling them to work from anywhere.

These laptops’ heavy-duty capabilities can handle not just extreme weather conditions and elements, but also provide data protection and security.

“Our customers told us that they want a PC that handles today’s modern applications, enables them to stay connected no matter where they are, doesn’t run out of power easily and stays functional in varying extreme environments,” said Tom Tobul, Vice President, Specialty Client Solutions, Dell Technologies. “Our Latitude Rugged PC portfolio has been doing just that, while growing 3x the market during the last fourquarters. This growth is largely because of how we’re responding to these customer needs, designing great products and taking advantage of our supply chain leadership.”

Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged – ready for work from virtually anywhere.
Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged – ready for work from virtually anywhere.

Dell is taking into consideration all lessons learnt and focusing more on specific pain points and use cases that customers experience when working on the field – such as taking an EMS call in a rural area or dealing with a critical issue at a remote oil-rig site – to come up with an ergonomic, rugged mobile PC device that can seamlessly handle those jobs.

Dell’s R&D teams have completely re-designed the Rugged laptops to provide:
• Enhanced field productivity with 11th Gen Intel Core processors, with vPro optional,
• Mission-critical connectivity with Intel Wi-Fi 6E and optional 5G-capability1,
• Improved daylight-readable and glove-touch capable screens of up to 1400 nits of brightness for optimal field usability,
• Improved battery run-time to almost 25 hours2 with dual hot swappable batteries and Express Charge Boost for up to a 35% charge in 20 minutes for 24×7 field operations.

Ruggedness, reliability and performance are key for workers in these harsh and demanding environments, but it can’t come at the expense of security. Both the new Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged and the Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme also come with TPM 2.0 ControlVault advanced authentication to secure devices. Integrated cryptographic keys, contacted and contactless smartcard reader and touch fingerprint reader options provide additional device security.

Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged – ready for work from anywhere, with a 5G-capable3 14” semi-rugged laptop.

For workers who require excellent field durability combined with optimal performance, then the Latitude 5430 Rugged is the ideal device. Starting at only 4.35lbs it packs quite a punch, coming with an optional professional discrete graphics card. It’s drop-tested from up to 3-feet and Ingress Protection (IP)-535 rated for a high-degree of protection against dust, dirt and water ingress. Dell Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme – a 5G-capable 13” fully-rugged laptop.

Dell Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme – designed to survive the elements.
Dell Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme – designed to survive the elements.

Taking it up a notch with enhanced durability, the Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme features an optional 1400-nit direct-sunlight viewable and gloved multi-touch capable screen, is drop tested from up to 6-feet, and has an IP-652 rating for maximum protection against dust, dirt and water ingress.

All of this comes with enterprise services andsupport, including Next-Business-Day on-site support option. Both devices are the first from Dell to ship with the new Windows 11 preinstalled, providing an optimal, smooth user experience from the start – because experience should be the same no matter what condition. To further enhance performance of the system, new Rugged laptops also come with Dell Optimizer, a software application that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize performance based on usage.

With the ever-increasing role technology plays across industries, including oil & gas, first responders, government & law enforcement, Dell made these new Rugged PCs the best they can be – so professionals can focus on their job, not on technology. works with the top brands in the country to reach out to the Cebu market. For inquiries, please send an email to [email protected].