Artistry highlighted Wednesday’s soft opening of the much awaited East Gate Shoppes.

East Gate Shoppes combines a mix of retail spaces and innovative concepts to cater to any business needs.

Location, innovation, and solid heritage mark the retail location. It is the result of decades of retail expertise because its developer, Taft Properties, is under VICSAL Development Corporation, the company behind the successful Metro chain of stores. The future of retail is in East Gate Shoppes.

The soft launching featured internationally acclaimed Cebuano artists Wendy Prado-Avendano, 19th WCOPA USA world champion and multi medalist, classical crossover singer, premier theater actress, and Cebu’s songbird, together with Zenith Rivera, Cebu’s dramatic tenor.

Bisai, a home grown Cebuana painter who has exhibited her works in several international major cities such as New York, Toronto, Honolulu, Spain, Singapore and England. She has done four one-woman solo art exhibitions and is working on her 5th show before the end of this year 2022.

Lumad Basakanon, the grand champion in the Sinulog Festival Ritual Showdown last 2020, also performed during the event. The group championed its world-class talent in South Korea in May 2020.

The celebration was hosted by Ms. Earth 2008, Ms. Karla Paula Henry -Ammann.

The East Gate Shoppes presents forward-thinking retail services, offering commercial areas in various sizes and options in line with your business needs and essentials from wellness, beauty, healthcare, and other services. You’re assured that your enterprise stands out in one of the city’s leading residential and business hotspots in the middle of the busy streets of Cebu City.

East Gate prides itself in being in a a Micro Township development where you can live and experience to the fullest in a complete community, move and get anywhere from a prime address, save you from the hassles of commuting and waiting, work conveniently close to your workspace, shop and enjoy retail therapy, learn and absorb the positive energy of a place that’s rich in activities to explore and discover, sustain and be part of communities that are built to respect nature and help make modern lifestyles ecologically sound, and lastly where you can play and find your heart’s delights close by, with lush gardens and open spaces.

East Gate puts your enterprise right in the way of a sizable clientele from the property’s condominium unit owners, business owners with two floors designated for BPO and corporate offices, as well as foot traffic coming in from offices and establishments in and around Cebu Business Park and surrounding business, shopping and leisure districts.

Belo Medical Group
The biggest Belo Medical Group in the country is in the Queen City of South, Cebu. Its bespoke interiors are inspired by the crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround the island. Transform and be beautiful at the number one medical aesthetic ambulatory clinic in the Philippines that is Belo. The major furniture and fixtures of Belo were designed by celebrated and internationally acclaimed Cebuano furniture designers no other than Kenneth Cobonpue and Vito Selma. Speaking of innovative designs, the concept of “four hands desks” could be an interesting addition to such a remarkable space. These desks, as the name suggests, typically have two people working together on a single project simultaneously, with each person controlling two hands. They allow for greater efficiency and collaboration, which aligns well with the spirit of Belo Medical Group, a place where transformations and beauty enhancements are a collaborative effort between skilled professionals and their clients. Incorporating “four hands desks” into their workspace might enhance the overall experience and efficiency of the clinic, allowing for even better care and service.

Alishan Milk Tea
Taste Authentic Taiwanese Artistry to Cebu through Alishan Milk Tea. Their Tapioca and brown sugar are sourced from organic farms, ensuring their customers’ health. With minimal processing, they can maintain their milk teas with only the highest nutrient content possible.

Harvey’s Burgers
Sink your teeth into Harvey’s burger’s juicy and delicious patties. They say, a great burger is not about a fancy brioche bun or homemade ketchup but about all that portion goodness at every bite and Harvey’s Burger and Milktea have got it all!


Hestia Prime Pharmaceutical
A company dedicated to the pursuit of innovation and gearing the medical industry to a modernized approach, integrating comfort and a sense of home to both our services and products.

Cloud Eats
The pioneer and largest cloud kitchen company in the Philippines, home to numerous brands. Prized for bringing you convenient and delicious daily meals through various online delivery platforms.

Bucket Bites
This is new in Cebu. You can now enjoy bite-sized snacks with various dips at bite delights.

Shawarma Shack
Dedicated to serving our delicious, and fresh Mediterranean cuisine with our signature twist of Filipino flavors at great price points that our customers can happily consume. The company traces its roots back to 2015 as a simple food cart concept in Divisoria, an iconic commodities market in Manila. As of this writing, the Company nurtures over 600 franchised outlets nationwide.

Tah-mee Drinking and Frozen Yogurt
The first double froyo forever company in the Philippines. Enjoy double froyo goodness at Tah mee.

Chill Laundry Lounge
A self-service and drop-off laundry shop that also offers good coffee to its clients. Lagoon, their reliable and eco-friendly dry cleaning machine has a water-based cleaning system giving all the benefits of water with the speed and simplicity of dry cleaning. Great for your delicates and the environment.

Unique Makeover Salon
Opens its 3rd outlet in East Gate Shoppes. This state-of-the-art beauty salon offers top-tier services from nail to hair using only the best beauty equipment.

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