The rising temperatures during the summer months put properties at risk of fires. From 2013 to 2017, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) recorded 77,724 fire incidents, averaging 15,545 fire incidents every year. In this time frame, the BFP estimates that property damage reached P23.273 billion or an average of P4.65 billion every year.

Avoiding fire emergencies becomes vital to the operation of every business. Here are a few things to keep in mind to fire-proof your business:

1. Research fire safety requirements. Your business property needs to comply with the fire safety requirements as mandated by the Fire Code of the Philippines. Additionally, for new businesses, acquiring a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate is a pre-requisite for various permits and licenses from local governments and other government agencies. Taking time to research these requirements will help you cover all your bases.

2. Install fire safety equipment. This encompasses fire detection systems like alarms from Firelink Direct, to firefighting equipment like fire extinguishers and automatic sprinklers. Should a potential fire start in your property, the equipment help control and avoid the spread of fire and ensure the safety of people in the property.

3. Conduct regular fire drills and training. It is not enough to have fire safety equipment if nobody knows how to use it. Fire drills can teach personnel how to suppress a fire, and if needed, how to evacuate the property. These not only help people absorb the emergency plan better but can also update them on any changes that have been made in fire safety equipment and fire escape routes.

4. Routinely review and maintain fire prevention mechanisms. Like most things, equipment and processes need to be reviewed in order to ensure that they function should the need arise. Inspecting, replacing or repairing faulty equipment, combined with checking and updating evacuation plans will better the chances of avoiding losses in fire emergency.

5. Get protection from fire and other business and property damage. Business insurance, like Malayan Insurance’s Business Protect, covers fires and a wide range of other risks such as liability, accidents and Money, Security and Payroll. Business Protect is an SME insurance package that offers asset protection for business establishments such as retail stores, offices, restaurants, clinics, shops and even small kiosks. For as low as P2,750.++, you can rest assured that in the event of a fire emergency, your business is protected.

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