I did get the wrong unit, I said on the quick and urgent phone call as I left the meeting room. I knew that the Ford EcoSport was assigned to me but by a mix-up, I got another unit, which I drove from the dealership in Nivel Hills to the venue of our meeting at the Archdiocesan museum.

After the meeting wrapped up, I quickly headed back to the dealership to get the EcoSport and rushed from one delayed appointment and meeting to another.

What is with these test drives, I asked myself. Things seem to go wrong to highlight features of the vehicle I’m driving. With the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, we got lost somewhere in Consolacion, having to pass through really bad roads that highlighted the great handling of the pickup.

With the Ford EcoSport, on the other hand, the domino effect of a late meeting on other engagements highlighted the great handling it had on city streets. Back to downtown, to Ayala Center Cebu, then to Lapu-Lapu City – navigating the metro was a breeze with the Ford EcoSport.

At the Transcentral Highway.

Working in the city

The compact design looks good. The Ford EcoSport is sleek and streamlined. The wide cabin space inside makes trips comfortable, which is great especially with city traffic starting to get heavy again as restrictions ease. It’s wide enough to carry a family and all the new tools of business and education: several masks, several face shields, individual canisters of disinfectant, and documents such as a quarantine pass and business papers.

We were set to visit the Transcentral Highway for the weekend test drive but we had to forego that trip on the first day. Tasks and appointments kept us in the Ford EcoSport in the city. Aside from getting from one place to the next, it was actually quite comfortable working inside the car. Like many, we were avoiding working in cafes and the risks they pose in spreading COVID-19. So when we were not in a socially-distanced meeting, we were inside the Ford EcoSport working.

LANDSLIDE. The Ford Ecosport handles well whether you’re in the city or headed to the mountains.

The next day, we finally headed to the Transcentral Highway, a scenic route that cuts through the mountains of Cebu.

Metro Cebu provides easy access to both the sea and the mountains. A Transcentral Highway drive is an enjoyable experience that we have long missed as a family, cooped as we were at home. We were supposed to head there with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak but we had the unit when quarantine was still strict.

City, mountain, sea

But the Ford EcoSport accorded itself well even as we headed to the mountains. I think that, for me, that’s what makes the Ford EcoSport a great vehicle for a family in a place like Cebu. Great for city driving; great for heading to the scenic mountains and our beautiful seas.

Transcentral is a place where you enjoy the views and such treats as a famed humba destination, sweet corn, and various places selling herbs and plants to sate your plantito fantasies.

And the Ford EcoSport has the trunk space for all these. We were unsure of the plants but certain about the deliciousness of the sweet corn so we bought a lot of it instead. Vegetables are cheap there so we also bought some of those. The plants we did not buy because the stand wasn’t ready.

But the views are what really makes a drive through the Transcentral Highway a needed escape from the cabin fever of months of being in lockdown. It’s where people head to on weekends.


We made our way to Balamban, the first town when you get off the mountain, past steep roads that have, in the past, witnessed horrible accidents. There was a landslide when we were there. But the thing with vehicles like the Ford EcoSport are the safety features built into the unit – it gives you confidence to navigate areas that we passed.

On the way back, we went to the places we marked for stops earlier. There were groups of motorcycle riders in their usual weekend rides.

Transcentral Highway, which we visited last about three years back, has changed. It’s not hard to find an isolated spot. When you stop for a quick photo, there’s bound to be another vehicle in a few minutes carrying people who want their pictures taken. A few more minutes, a large group of motorcycle drivers will ruin your selfie view.

It happened several times and all those times I couldn’t help but notice how they eyed the Ford EcoSport. The admiration was palpable.

If you want to test drive the Ford EcoSport, you may reach the Ford Cebu dealership via the contact details below:

Contact Person: Ivy Castro
Designation: General Sales Manager
Contact Number: 0917 314 4090

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