With Father’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably mentally listing down gifts for the greatest hero of your life. Here are suggestions to express your love and thanks with a gadget gift.

Tech-Savvy Daddy: JUMPU Gadgets and Accessories

If dad already owns a brand-new smartphone or tablet, he would appreciate having multiple mobile accessories that he can keep in his office, car, or at home. Give him the best by selecting JUMPU mobile accessories, guaranteed to deliver the best of Japanese design and manufacturing.

Forget about waiting for one device to fully charge before plugging the next. Save dad’s time with the innovative JUMPU SHUN 4-port and SEHA 5-port chargers, allowing him to power several devices at the same time.


If your dad is the type to leave the house with his phone battery life at 5%, JUMPU’s DUO or KLASIK power banks has got him covered. He would also enjoy the convenience of having multiple MICRO reversible micro-USB cables, LITNIN lightning cables, or DUAL series cables that support both micro-USB and lighting outputs. These would allow him to connect his devices to his laptop for easy file sharing, or to his car charger so he can power them up while keeping his focus on the road.

Practical Papa: Starmobile UNO B208 and B306

For this kind of father, simplicity is the UNO way to go. Starmobile’s latest feature phones UNO B208 and B306 assure to offer the ground necessities of every dad. Focusing on call and text, these Filipino mobile phones promise to be easy-to-use while still offering high-end functionality and reliability.

Personalize the gift based on dad’s preference.

Starmobile Uno

B208 is equipped with FM radio, camera with flash, expandable memory, flashlight, and multimedia support; available in red, blue, or black.

On the other hand, B306 is designed for entertainment suited with an extra loudspeaker, camera, and video recording; available in gray, gold, and black.

Drudging Dude: Starmobile UP Prime and ENGAGE Aura

He’s the busiest dad of all – always on his phone and laptop, but also makes sure to spend time with his family amidst the hectic schedule. Keep him on top of his game with gadgets complementing his fast-paced lifestyle – the UP Prime and ENGAGE Aura from Starmobile.

Crafted to match the everyday lifestyle of professionals, Starmobile’s UP Prime clashes sleek experience of work and entertainment with its split-screen feat which allows dad to seamlessly navigate between texting and playing music. It’s 5-inch 2.5D curved screen perfects the resolution display of watching videos on right side and browsing the internet on the left side through its customizable toggle menus. Dad can also take notes for work by capturing moments with its 8MP rear camera or just bring out his fun personality in a stressful day with wacky selfie on the 5MP front cam. Powered by Android™ 7.0 Nougat, the 700MHz LTE-compatible gadget is the ideal mobile partner for professional dads.

Starmobile Engage

Whether in the office or at home, dad always needs to have a quick access computer to grow his business. The ENGAGE Aura from Starmobile lets him seize that opportunity at an affordable expense. Manufactured with a lightweight design for easy carry, the 1.9GHz Quad-Core laptop powers a heavy performance fitting dad’s everyday line-up of programs.

Equipped with a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mini HDMI, and USB ports of 2.0 and 3.0; the Intel Atom computer makes a convenient working ambiance for dad with effortless connectivity. Its 2MP webcam also enables him immediate reach of his contacts at 720p video capture anytime, anywhere. With Windows 10 as its licensed operating system and long-lasting battery of 9000mAh Li-Ion with 7 hours video time and up to 210 hours standby time, the machine assures reliable job of a pro dad’s needs.

Fun-loving Father: Starcube Digital TV Box

Boost his entertainment experience and let dad enjoy local television shows in crystal clear definition. With over 30 channels to choose from, dad can watch just about as long as he wants without bothering about the monthly cable bill. What’s more, dad can simply tap the recording feature of the digibox in case he needs to work during airtime of his favorite shows.


Super Surfer-Father: TP-LINK routers

For web surfing, TP-Link routers are known to be reliable in establishing secure and effective internet connection. With the brand’s collection, faster speeds for more devices are possible without slowing dad’s network. These routers are edged with superior range and coverage, permitting several devices connected nearby and faraway. Its innovative technology supplies solid support for simultaneous HD streaming, online gaming, and other online activities dad may need.

TP Link routers

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