This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, June 6, 2016.

FRIENDLY CHAT. Talisay City mayor-elect Eduard Gullas says he will meet with suspected drug lords of Talisay and urge them to reform or move away. (Photo from Samsam Gullas FB page)
FRIENDLY CHAT. Talisay City mayor-elect Eduard Gullas says he will meet with suspected drug lords of Talisay and urge them to reform or move away. (Photo from Samsam Gullas FB page)

Gullas urges drug lords in Talisay to leave city.

Incoming Talisay City mayor Eduard Gullas is revisiting his list of drug personalities and warned those involved in the drug trade to get out of the city. Gullas, who said he had a similar meeting that yielded positive results in 2001, clarified he won’t offer any money for the death or arrest of a drug lord but is warning them nonetheless to quit.

I am not telling them that they get out from Talisay and go instead to Cebu City. No. Get out from the province. You decide on where to go but do not stay here because I will go hammer and tongs against you. Talisay City mayor-elect Eduardo Gullas.

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Sun.Star Cebu: Gullas to meet suspected drug lords in Talisay, will ask them to leave.

PRO 7 scores again in war against drugs

SUPT. George Ylanan of the Regional Special Operations Group of PRO 7 announced the death of Davild Anunciado and four of his cohorts during an anti-drug operation in Inabanga, Bohol Sunday morning. Three others were caught alive during the operation that happened eight days after another suspected drug lord, Rowen Secretaria and two others were killed in Getafe, 42 kilometers away from Inabanga. Cops also seized P3 million worth of shabu during the operation against the suspected level one pusher.

We will continue to hunt down drug syndicates until the last of them shall have been accounted for. Chief Supt. Patrocinio Comendador Jr.

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Cebu Daily News: Cops sieze P3 million worth of drugs in Bohol raid.

Freeman: 5 killed in gunfight with police

Tom O willing to revisit curfew ordinance

Incoming Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena says the City has more priorities than going after children who break the curfew but is willing to give it a try. President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has announced his plans to impose a 10 p.m. curfew for unaccompanied minors to keep them away from drugs and other crimes.

If that is the order of the president, we will give it a chance to work. But we have so many other priorities than to run after children. Cebu City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmena.

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Other Cebu News.

» Sun.Star Cebu: Alayon ditches Roxas’ LP, jumps ship to Digong’s PDP

» Sun.Star Cebu: Margot wants to expands city’s scholarship program

» Sun.Star Cebu: Not wanting to leave her City Hall duties, Margot postpones Tom O’s medical checkup to August

» Sun.Star Cebu: Drug store loses P250,000 to robber

» Cebu Daily News: Ombud asked to probe Sta. Fe councilor for failure to disclose business interests

» Cebu Daily News: Cebuano radioman joins Duterte’s cabinet as press official

» Cebu Daily News: Experts call for urgent action on Cebu’s water crisis

» Cebu Daily News: Capitol eyes landfill in Carmen to solve garbage woes

» Cebu Daily News: Gullas cites lost of trust in asking five department heads to resign

» The Freeman: PB asks candidates to remove campaign posters

» The Freeman: Greenpeace slams planned oceanarium at SRP

Cebu Business News.

» Sun.Star Cebu: DTI offers financing program for startups

» Sun.Star Cebu: British chef to open new restaurant in Cebu

» The Freeman: 152 applicants get hired on the spot in SM job fair

» The Freeman: World Bank consultant urges Cebu to take lead in digital trade

» Cebu Daily News: Advocate urges local real estate developers to go green

» Cebu Daily News: Bo’s Coffee to buy more coffee from Tuburan.

Cebu Sports News.

» The Freeman: SWU wins Shakey’s Girls V-League Cebu crown

» Sun.Star Cebu: Chobie Duenas, Loui Villacin wins Tabuelan triathlon

» Cebu Daily News: UV advances to Partners Cup finals

» Cebu Daily News: Wenceslao loses in tough Davao fight

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