As the country moves toward post-pandemic recovery, it is becoming more imperative to have a stable and robust power distribution infrastructure. Reliable power supply is essential to drive the economy on a growth trajectory, particularly as the energy demand is seen to increase when commercial establishments widen their doors, manufacturing facilities pick up the pace of production, and the labor force anticipates a return-to-site scenario in 2022.

For the power distribution sector, ensuring reliability means minimizing power interruptions — majority of which are caused by temporary faults typically resulting from winds that cause trees to come into contact with power lines, or heavy storms that bring upon lightning strikes. Unfortunately, climate change makes such instances all the more common, and distribution companies need to take immediate steps to address these threats before sustaining major damage on costly equipment.

For G&W Electric, one of the world’s leading providers of electric power equipment, the recloser is a quintessential solution not just in mitigating electrical disruptions but also in providing automation capabilities, and protecting capex-intensive infrastructure.

This infographic provides a look at how power is distributed to end users, and how grid modernization can begin easily with the adoption of modern reclosers such as those offered by G&W Electric.

G&W Electric has innovated their reclosers as a critical must-have component for grid reliability, and recently introduced the TEROS recloser for utilities of all sizes.

By simplifying the mechanism and incorporating smart technology, G&W Electric’s TEROS recloser is designed to reduce the amount, frequency, and duration of outages on overhead systems, including main distribution lines, distribution branch circuits and substations. As temporary faults are responsible for the majority of power interruptions, installing the Teros recloser can help minimize as much as 80 percent of outages and enable utilities of all sizes jumpstart their automation journey.

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