When you let go, the force of the drop will take you on a spiral spin along the sides of a concave structure before plunging you into the water through a bottom hole in an exhilarating space bowl experience at Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark.

The space bowl slide, a 48-meter fall into a six feet deep pool, is among the top draws and possibly the scariest activity at the Cebu resort’s famous Waterpark, possibly rivaled only by the giant green slide.

Carlo Cajoles, Jpark Island Resort sports, entertainment, and activities (SEA) manager, said the Waterpark is made up of several attractions designed to give guests of all ages their best water play experience.

Jpark Waterpark slide
WATERPARK FUN. Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark offers the best water play experience in Cebu.

Giant slides

The space bowl is one of three giant water slides. It’s not as long as the other two but it is a spinning drop instead of a straight one. Cajoles said guests tell him that going down the space bowl is like being flushed in the toilet bowl.

The green slide is 156 meters long and shaped like a tube. According to Cajoles, the challenge is bearing the pitch-dark environment inside.

He added that the tamest slide is the white one. Although it is a high 120-meter drop, the white slide takes you on a slow glide along a winding open surface.

Cajoles recommends that guests try the white slide first and then the green one before going on the space bowl. Each of the giant slide offers a different kind of experience, but guests might not try the other two if they take on the most challenging first.

Jpark Waterpark Captain Hook
CAPTAIN HOOK. Kids will love the pool at Jpark with its pirate or Captain Hook theme and jungle gym that comes with slides and showers.

Jpark Waterpark pools

Jpark’s pools come in different shapes and sizes and offer a range of fun and thrills. The island pool is the main pool and only five feet at its deepest. Including the center structure and surrounding decks, this pool is close to 2,000 square meters in size.

One of its interesting features: a water walk made up of flotation devices lined up from the side towards the middle of the pool. The challenge is not to fall into the water before reaching the end of the walk.

Kids will love their pool at Jpark, with its pirate or Captain Hook theme and jungle gym that comes with slides and showers. The toddlers even have their own pool, too. This makes the Waterpark the ultimate fun activity for the family.

Jpark Waterpark Angry Birds
ANGRY BIRDS. Among the fun activities in Jpark is this real-life Angry Birds setup with a lifesize slingshot and a stuffed toy bird shooter that you aim on pig pins.

Amazon River

A narrow, winding body of water snakes around the Waterpark. They call it the Amazon River and it has a slow current so you just hop onto one of those water inflatables and let the flow take you from one point to another.

Cajoles said the lazy river is only 3-3.5 feet deep so it’s not at all scary. Jpark also has Red Cross-trained lifeguards watching over the pools to ensure the safety of bathers, he added.

An even more enjoyable water experience is the wave pool as it generates waves twice during the day. If you’re staying in or just visiting for the day, ask for the specific schedule of the surf so you can be at the pool when it comes.

Jpark Waterpark Waterwalk
WATERWALK. The kid didn’t make it. The waterwalk is among the most enjoyable things to do in the Jpark Waterpark pool.

Fun activities

In line with the resort’s goal to promote family fun, Cajoles said he and his team are always coming up with entertaining activities for their guests. These come in the form of standard games like darts as well as water volleyball or basketball and some out-of-the box activities on the pool or by the poolside.

The latest they’ve come up with was an Angry Birds setup with a lifesize slingshot and a stuffed toy bird shooter that you use on pig pins.

At night, the Waterpark turns into one big party with singing and dancing and a firedance display.

“We’re the only resort doing this. We think of the enjoyment of guests before anything else. If you’re in Jpark, you can be sure to have fun from morning to night,” Cajoles added.

Jpark minigolf
MINIGOLF. Fancy yourself a round? Jpark Waterpark has a mini golf course.


Jpark Waterpark kart
The resort also has several karts for the use of guests.

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