This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, September 22, 2016.

BURN THEIR HABITAT. A media official suggested that to eliminate trolls, media companies may eliminate comment section.
DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. A media official suggested that to eliminate trolls, media companies may eliminate comment section.

Flush out trolls

In a forum on How to deal with online trolls, one of the activities of the Cebu Press Freedom Week celebration, a speaker said dealing with vicious comments by online trolls is a key challenge for news outlets. To deal with trolls, companies can consider retiring the comments section and shifting discussions to social platforms.

Trolls have become part of the conversation, whether we like it or not. People on social media deserve to air their comments, to be heard. Criticism is encouraged, but not to the point of hurting others. Nini Cabero, Sun.Star Network Exchange editor-in-chief.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Let online media be a sphere for consensus, not a toilet bowl for excrement.

Cebu Daily News: Trolls a challenge to true freedom of speech.

Worry about dengue, not Zika

After DOH confirmed the first case of the local transmission of the Zika virus, Gov. Hilario Davide III ordered a clean up drive against chikungunya, dengue fever and Zika, which is all carried by the same mosquito type. Though a DOH official clarified that the Zika virus is only dangerous to pregnant women as it has an effect on the fetus, the agency is still pushing for a clean-up drive to battle the diseases, including dengue, which remains the most dangerous form of mosquito-born disease.

Dengue remains the most dangerous. For quite a long time, we did not have a panic or scare. Don’t be scared of Zika because it’s mild. Dengue has a vaccine…We’re asking everyone, especially in our homes, to please throw away empty containers that may accumulate water. Include in your cleaning all your downspouts, kitchen pit traps and restrooms...DOH Region 7 director Dr. Jaime Bernadas.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Cebu Province, DOH to conduct clean-up drive vs. mosquitoes.

Cebu Daily News: Cebu City Health department to put up preventive measures vs. Zika.

Metro Cebu Board wants school for traffic enforcers

The Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board and Tesda 7 will create the Metro Cebu Traffic Enforcement Academy, an agency that hopes to professionalize traffic enforcement in Metro Cebu. The MCTEA is expected to start with its first batch next year and unlike the present job-order traffic enforcers, the graduates of the school will have benefits and will have a chance of becoming regular employees of the LGU.

We all know that most traffic enforcers in Metro Cebu are job order employees and they do not enjoy the full benefits required by law. We want to make sure that as we move forward, our efforts on traffic regulations and enforcements are well-coordinated. People don’t see boundaries anymore, whether it’s Mandaue, Cebu City or Lapu-Lapu. Everybody considers it as one Cebu in terms of traffic problems. Lynn GLoria Madrona of the MCDCCB.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Metro Cebu hopes to improve standard of traffic management with school for enforcers.

Freeman: School for traffic enforcers sought for Metro Cebu

Other Cebu News.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Government officials urges local media to report on ‘poor brothers and sisters’

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Labella urges executive branch to include welfare of animals in closure plan for zoo

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Seek Council OK before dealing with CPA

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Big-time pusher falls in shootout with Toledo police

➤ The Freeman: Task force nab ship with sharks

➤ The Freeman: Private individuals who are Tomas allies and issue public documents may be guilty of usurpation of authority

➤ Cebu Daily News: Only registered Mandaue City residents can avail of relocation

➤ Cebu Daily News: Students revisit Martial Law era to avoid revisionism

➤ Cebu Daily News: Ombudsman dismisses sea marshalls’ complaint vs. Sta. Fe mayor

➤ Cebu Daily News: Alcover urges Mining Board to probe quarrying in city barangays


Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: DTI official assures latest Duterte tirade won’t affect EU-PH relations

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Tsunieshi unveils hybrid cars in Balamban

➤ Cebu Daily News: Demand grows for innovative architectural designs


Cebu Sports News

➤ The Freeman: Emils ball club boosts Macrohon fiesta

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Cebuana confident of winning medal in world poomsae event

➤ Cebu Daily News: Cebu press workers hold Press Freedom Run


Cebu Opinion

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Most workshops are nothing but junkets

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Zoos may be a prison but animals shouldn’t be treated as junk yard items

➤ Cebu Daily News: Why is it necessary to rebuild Cebu Medical Center

➤ Cherry Ballescas: Never forget what happened in Martial Law

➤ Josephus Jimenez: US-PH relations not perfect, but US stood by us

➤ Bobit Avila: De Lima exposed as a narco-politician

➤ Jojo Bersales: Why the Marcos dictatorship failed

➤ Publio Briones: Closure may bode well for Cebu City zoo

➤ Bong Wenceslao: What caused de Lima’s downfall?

➤ Pachico Seares: Recognize and act on danger of ‘recurring Martial Law’

➤ Frank Malilong: Despite numerous arrests, why do people still make bomb jokes?

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