Your choice of ice cream dipped in thick, creamy chocolate and coated with any three of 18 topping selections, as the Magnum Cebu pleasure store opens to the public today at SM Seaside City.

When you Make Your Own Magnum, you get to choose from milk, dark, and white chocolate as ice cream coating and drizzle and any three of 18 toppings that range from classic, special, to experimental.

Diane Kimberly Tan, senior brand manager, said during a Magnum Cebu preview for media and bloggers that they are introducing for the first time in Cebu the sun-dried rose petals in addition to other toppings like chili flakes, pistachio, roasted almonds, dried raspberries, and caramel or dark chocolate crunch balls.

Magnum Cebu
MAKE YOUR OWN BAR. At Magnum Cebu, you can mix and match ice cream bars, coatings, toppings, and drizzles. The Magnum bar opens today in SM Seaside City.

Magnum ice cream bar

She added that three toppings are the maximum number needed to stick to and fully coat your Magnum ice cream bar.

At the Magnum pleasure store in Cebu, your ice cream bar becomes even more decadent and pleasurable.

“We believe this is the perfect time to come me to Cebu. It’s the Christmas season and people are in malls,” said Drew Tan, assistant brand manager. Magnum Cebu is the first Magnum Cebu pleasure store outside of Manila.

Magnum Cebu
KAYE Luym Sala makes her own bar during the press preview of Magnum Cebu.

He added that the Magnum ice cream bar at the Magnum pleasure store costs P120 but you get your money’s worth as the brand makes sure that the dips, drizzle, and toppings are of premium standard.

Combination of dips, drizzle, toppings

“The Make You Own Magnum elevates the whole pleasurable experience as you get to create one that’s distinctly yours. With the selection of dips, drizzle, and toppings, there are over 250,000 possible combinations for a Magnum ice cream bar,” he cited.

Since the Magnum pop-up store is an open kiosk or bar, customers get to see the Magnum pleasure makers create one based on their choices.

Andrea Huang, brand manager, said it usually takes a minute or two to create the ice cream bar for clients. Some people may have their favorites already but others ask the pleasure makers to suggest combinations.

Magnum Cebu opening
MAGNUM CEBU LAUNCHING. (From left) Brand manager Andrea Huang, senior brand manager Diane Kimberly Tan, and assistant brand manager Drew Tan during the press preview of Magnum Cebu.

Marlen is the editor of and co-founder of Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media.

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