Newly-elected Mandaue City Mayor Gabriel “Luigi” Quisumbing’s administration will use traffic cameras to catch violators in the city. Quisumbing said in his 1st press conference as mayor today that strict implementation of traffic laws will start tomorrow, Friday.

“We will be implementing the ‘no contact apprehension.’ That means, ma dakpan ka sa camera, padad-an ka og ticket, pa dad-an ka og fine (you get caught on camera, we will send you a ticket and collect a fine),” Mayor Quisumbing said in a Cebu Daily News report.

Mandaue City Traffic
MANDAUE TRAFFIC. Solving the traffic problem will be among the key focus areas of new Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing. His administration will tap CCTV cameras for a no-contact traffic apprehension.

Quisumbing also said in his press conference that they will increase the number of enforcers in key traffic bottlenecks.

Mandaue City currently has 42 CCTV traffic cameras in key areas, including the seven intersections in its jurisdiction. Traffic violators spotted on camera will be identified and fined.

“Unfortunately, no matter how many traffic enforcers we deploy, there will always be blind spots. We hope that the CCTV system and the no-contact apprehension will be able to fill the gaps,” Quisumbing told Cebu Daily News.

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