Vice Mayor Michael Rama yesterday asked Mayor Edgar Labella to finally put to rest rumors spreading about his true state of health by telling people about his condition.

Labella has not been reporting to City Hall, saying his doctor asked him to work from home to stay away from crowds as he recovers from an ear infection.

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Unsa man gyud ang pagkabutang sa atong mayor?

Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama

Rama said that with the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Cebu City needs a “visible and active leader.”

“I’m going to tell them,” Labella was said to have replied to Rama’s challenge, according to a report in Sun.Star Cebu. The paper reported that Labella has decided to appoint Rama to oversee the COVID-19 response.

Facebook Live broadcast of VM Rama’s press conference

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BOBBY NALZARO tells VM Mike Rama to “wait until you become mayor again.” He writes in his Sun.Star column that Rama “presumes” he would be designated acting mayor.

“Mike, the mayor is still alive and kicking. Why do you want to take over? Just to show to the Cebuanos that you are capable of handling the Covid-19 pandemic? You want to be called the anti-Covid-19 czar? You are too late to be a hero, Mike.

Where were you at the height of the pandemic last year? You hid, Mike. You cordoned your office with iron grills, refused to accept visitors, you seldom reported to your office and conducted your sessions through Zoom. And now that the situation has normalized, you want to come into the picture? Dawat lang ka’g limpyo?”

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FRANK MALILONG: The columnist describes VM Rama’s “lend me your ears” call to the mayor as an ill attempt at rhetoric.

Malilong writes that “Mike has never gotten over the fact that Edgar is the mayor and he is “only” the vice mayor.”

“The mayor is working from home. So were the vice mayor and the councilors during the height of the pandemic last year. Rama’s office was closed; the council sessions were conducted via Zoom. I am not saying that they were scared but I would understand if they were. Very little was known about the coronavirus then and with people dying from the disease, who wouldn’t be terrified into staying at home especially if you’re in the age bracket that is considered more vulnerable to dying from the disease?”

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Who’s running City Hall? An ungo, says Councilor Mabatid

Cebu City is a “big mess” and somebody is dictating on “puppet councilors,” Cebu City Councilor Prisca Niña Mabatid posted on Facebook.

“Kabalo ba mo nga naay ungo sa City Hall nga maoy nagbuot-buot sa tanan gikan sa pagpadagan sa City Hall, sa mga supplier sa bugas, ug tigdiktar sa mga puppet councilors unsay buhaton sa budget — kinsay tagaan ug kinsay dili?” Mabatid’s post read.

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Cebu City logs low rates for vaccination against polio, measles

Cebu City only managed 9.97 percent of its target to vaccinate 103,819 babies against polio. It also logged just 10.37 percent of its target to vaccinate 87,921 babies against measles.

Data from the Department of Health 7 indicated that Cebu City “has the lowest coverage in the vaccination against polio, a life-threatening disease, and measles, a highly contagious infectious disease, among cities and provinces in Central Visayas.” Sun.Star Cebu reported. READ the full story here: Cebu City ranks bottom in number of babies vaccinated against polio, measles in region.

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