US-based company Organique unveiled Tuesday its triathlon team as part of a marketing effort to spread word on the benefits of its acai berry-based health drink.

The company, founded in 2008 by couple Joseph and Catherine Salimbangon, bottles and distributes a health drink based on the acai berry.

“Aca berries are considered superfood, a term used to describe nutrient-rich food that is good for one’s health,” the company said.

During the unveiling of the team, Organique marketing director Lerma Mendoza touted the health benefits of the acai berry and their drink supplement. The berry, which grows in the Amazon River, has a high concentration of anti-oxidants that can offer a myriad of health benefits, Mendoza said.

Organique Acai Berry
ACAI BERRY DRINK. Organique touts its acai berry drink as having a myriad of health benefits. It is available in Watsons, Mercury Drug, 7Eleven and Landers Superstore. Its latest product is the freeze dried acai capsule.

Boost wellness

She said the acai berry helps improve one’s health and boosts overall wellness.

Ms. Salimbangon, on the other hand, assured consumers of the highest quality of their products. She used to work as a nurse in the US before she decided to embark on the business with her husband, an IT professional.

She said they were already drinking acai berry and were convinced of its health benefits that’s why they decided to turn it into a business.

Organique triathlon team
ORGANIQUE TRIATHLON TEAM. The group of triathletes supported by the company placed 3rd in the recent Dipolog 104 Triathlon. At the center are Organique marketing director Lerma Mendoza (seated, 3rd from left) and founder Catherine Salimbangon.

Organique triathlon team

As one way to help market the product, Organique decided to sponsor a triathlon team. The Organique Triathlon Team has 18 members – local athletes mostly with day jobs. Its members compete individually or as a team in various events.

This early, the team has already made its mark, finishing 3rd overall against the country’s top teams during the Dipolog 104 Triathlon. They are competing in future races all over the country, notably the coming Ironman event in Cebu.

Members of the team said they benefit from their regular drinking of Organique Acai Berry.

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