That particular night we decided to have pizza at the Pizza Republic Cebu branch along Salinas Drive, the place was crowded, loud, and chaotic.

I don’t know if it was just because we picked a particularly busy time, 7 p.m. on a Friday, or this place really draws a big crowd, especially the younger population.

Pizza Republic Cebu Pick + Mix counter features rows of toppings.
Pizza Republic Cebu Pick + Mix counter features rows of toppings.

What hit us the first time we came through the door was a din of voices in varying degrees of intensity.

The line was packed and noisy, and the crew didn’t always hear us correctly when we picked our choices. Our pizza didn’t quite come out as we intended, as both pies were spicy and they forgot the fresh basil leaves.

Pick + Mix

Nevertheless, the whole make your own pizza experience was fun. Our pizza tasted delicious and we soon gobbled it up.

The Pizza Republic Cebu counter, where diners go through to create their favorite combinations, featured rows upon rows of toppings and is every pizza lover’s dream.

It's make your own pizza at Pizza Republic Cebu.
It’s make your own pizza at Pizza Republic Cebu.

Pizza Republic “Pick + Mix” by Giuseppe Genco says it has “all the toppings in the world.” If it isn’t that, then it comes quite close.

They have several kinds of cheese – mozzarella, cheddar, white, and cream, and all sorts of sausages – barbecue, frankfurter, hungarian, pepperoni, garlic, beef, pork, bologna, italian garlic. There’s ham, salami, and chorizo as well as non-meat toppings like mushroom, olives , tomatoes (fresh and sun-dried), onions, and pineapple. You name it, they have it.

Pizza Republic Cebu

The Pizza Republic menu consists of only one size of thin crust pie with all the toppings you want for P245.

Pizza Republic Cebu operating hours run from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Big groups can reserve the function room, which is good for 15 people. Just text or call Pizza Republic Cebu at 0998-9805700.

Marlen is the editor of and co-founder of Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media.

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