When picking a subscription plan, people often find it difficult to visualize differences in the data speed offerings. A tool at the newly-opened PLDT Home concept store in SM Seaside City helps them easily and visually compare speed offerings of the different subscription plans.

The tool, named Broadband Visualizer, is among the many features customers can find inside the store, which was opened last Thursday.

“The concept behind the store is really to give the customers the real experience of what the future of the home will be. If you come in, you will see the different services that you can get when you have really good broadband internet,” said PLDT Home head Oscar Reyes Jr. in an interview with MyCebu.ph during the opening.

PLDT concept store Cebu
CHECKING OUT SERVICES. Guests check out options for video services in one of the digital kiosks inside the PLDT concept store in SM Seaside City. The store showcases products and services to build the “home of the future.”

1st PLDT Home concept store

The PLDT Home concept store in SM Seaside City is the first in the country, Reyes said. It is located in Cyberzone.

The Broadband Visualizer also includes a tool that allows people to indicate their data usage such as how often they download videos or use online services and then help them pick the plan that fits their needs.

“People always say you’ll get 2mbps, 3mbps, 20mbps. But what does it actually mean? Here you can actually see how fast downloading a video would take between two plans. If I get a 2mbps speed versus a 20 mbps speed, you’ll see the difference in how fast you actually download or stream a particular video,” Reyes said.

PLDT Home concept store
OPENING. PLDT Home head Oscar Reyes Jr. (3rd from left, front row), Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa, PLDT Home CC and SS Strategy Performance Head Louella Aquino lead the opening of the concept store in SM Seaside City. (Photo by Marlen Limpag)

Augmented reality demonstration

A centerpiece of the store that occupies a huge window at front is an augmented reality demonstration. It shows real-time videos of people with augmented reality overlay like snapchat like filters, videos of elephants crossing and other animations.

The store also has booths that allow customers to experience offerings of PLDT Home Fibr, DSL, and Ultera offerings.

PLDT Home smartwatches
SMARTWATCHES. Among the gadgets you can check out in the store are these feature-packed smartwatches.

PLDT Home products

“Our new high-tech concept store, coupled with our accommodating staff and engaging activities, is part of our continuous efforts to proactively and efficiently address the needs of our current and potential Cebu-based subscribers,” PLDT Home Customer Care Head Paolo Lopez said in a statement.

The store also has a video chat facility for customer service concerns. The video chat allows them to directly talk to a Manila-based customer service officer.

The store also has demo products for Telpad, its voice phone unit that contains digital services. They can also try out their digital TV service Cignal delivered via Fibr and check options like iFlix, Netflix, Fox, and I Want TV.The store also has several smartwatches that customers can try out.

PLDT Home Telpad
PLDT TELPAD. These Telpad units add digital services to the traditional home telephone unit. You can try them out at the store.


Watch: PLDT opens concept store in SM Seaside City

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