PLDT Home is the top broadband services provider in Cebu and the rest of the country, a company official said recently.

PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali said in a press event to showcase the company’s products that their flagship DSL brand commands a 70 percent market share in the country and maintains its dominant presence in Cebu.

Dujali was in Cebu two weeks back to discuss with Cebu journalists and bloggers the company’s expanded products and services line. He highlighted the convergence of various services offered by partners and companies within the PLDT group.

Digital lifestyle

From just being a DSL and landline service provider a few years back, PLDT has expanded to encompass various services for a “digital lifestyle” at home, he said in an interview. What makes this possible, Dujali said, is the company’s robust fiber optic network that now spans 100,000 kilometers nationwide.

From the triple play convergence of broadband, landline and cable TV, Dujali touted the company’s “quadplay” move with the addition of mobile capability.

Gary Dujali PLDT HOME
PLDT HOME. Gary Dujali, PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director, talks about the company’s new products and services, including the TVolution Stick by Intel, iflix, Fam Cam, among others, during an event in Cebu.

PLDT Fam Cam

Among the products he showcased was the Fam Cam, a residential security camera that lets parents monitor their children at home. A version of the camera that comes with one of the Fam Cam plans can be controlled with your phone or tablet, allowing a user to pan the device to check out various locations at home.

Dujali also demonstrated their entertainment offerings such as the iflix TV on demand service that offers a varied lineup of shows and movies that can be viewed on the PC, TV and mobile devices. He also said they partnered with Fox International to make its movies and shows available to Home subscribers.

TVolution Stick by Intel

Dujali also showcased its latest offering to Home users: the TVolution Stick by Intel, a small stick slightly bigger than your regular USB drive that connects via an HDMI port in the TV and transforms it into a Windows computer. PLDT is giving away the device for free to new subscribers of DSL Plans 999 and up and all PLDT HOME Fibr plans who apply online at The promotion will run until Nov. 30.

But what created the biggest buzz during the event was a throwback to PLDT’s past – a red telephone unit that looks like the rotary phones of olden times of party lines and long distance calls. The phone is part of the Regine Series after endorser Regine Velasquez and was produced for mothers. Dujali said, however, that there is such a strong demand for the phone unit with the classic design that they could barely keep up with it. Subscribers can have the unit for an add-on fee to their monthly subscription.

Growth in Cebu

“We are grateful to our subscribers in Cebu for their continued trust to our products and sevices. We wanted to give back to them in the form of digital services meant to enrich their lives. We would like to expand all the reach of these new services to more homes in the country especially in Cebu,” Dujali said in a press statement distributed after the event.

“Cebu’s rapid urbanization gives us a lot of growth opportunities. We are also able to build the strongest connections and enrich more digital lifestyle among Cebuano families as we offer our extensive entertainment products and topnotch connectivity at home and even beyond the home,” he added.

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