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YOUR MOVE, TOMMY. His friendship with Rodrigo Duterte didn't save Tommy Osmena from losing his authority over the police. Napolcom stripped him of his powers for cutting his support to the local police. (Photo from Tommy Osmena's Facebook page)
YOUR MOVE, TOMMY. His friendship with Rodrigo Duterte didn’t save Tommy Osmena from losing his authority over the police. Napolcom stripped him of his powers for cutting his support to the local police. (Photo from Tommy Osmena’s Facebook page)

Tit for tat: PNP fights back, strips Tomas of control over police

After cutting the support for the Cebu City Police Office due to the PNP’s failure to consult him on the replacement of local officials, the National Police Commission has stripped Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena of his authority over the police. In a Facebook post, Osmena, who is in the US for his annual checkup, said the police is merely reinforcing his point and is stripping him of an authority he never had in the first place.

True to his pronouncement to withdraw his support, Mayor Tomas Osmena had decided to stop giving allowances and rewards to new police officers who were newly assigned….Accordingly, this Commission further declares that the duties, obligations, powers and prerogatives vested unto Mayor Tomas Osmena as NAPOLCOM deputy…..are hereby removed or revoked. Napolcom resolution stripping Osmena of his police powers.

You mean they’re revoking something that I never had in the first place? Being denied the chance to choose someone to work with was the very reason for my protest to begin with. Mayor Tomas Osmena.

Read: Freeman: Osmena loses control over police after cutting support in drug war.

Cebu Daily News: Osmena lashes back, says Cebu City PNP still has 50 cars from the city.

Sun.Star Cebu: CCPO says Osmena may lose police escorts, including SPO1 Adonis Dumpit.

House of mayor who denied being a drug lord yields P88 million worth of shabu

Albuera mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. denied that he was a drug lord but a raid in his house says otherwise after authorities seized 11 kilos of shabu woth P88 million, high-powered firearms and even bomb components. Espinosa’s troubles started after a buy-bust caught some of his men and Duterte identified him as a drug lord, while a shootout in his house led to the death of six goons two days later.

Espinosa, who has left the custody of Chief PNP Ronald dela Rosa, is reportedly in a Cebu City hospital and has not been heard from since leaving Manila.

Right now, lahat ng hospital pinapuntahan namin. Kahit alam namin na nandito sa mga hospital, they keep on denying. Cebu City police director Joel Doria.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Raid in narco-politico’s house yiels 11 kilos of shabu.

Killings are part of syndicates’ purge

PRO 7 head Chief Supt. Noli Talino believes the series of killings involving drug pushers is not the result of vigilantes but a part of the purge of syndicates against their cronies who have surrendered to authorities. As of yesterday, 102 have been killed in Central Visayas, 48 by unidentified gun men.

Kaya ang iba, inunahanan na ang mga police. PRO 7 head Chief Supt. Noli Talino.

Read: Freeman: Drug syndicates killing off personnel in purge.

Other Cebu stories

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➤ The Freeman: Two of Lapu-Lapu’s top drug personalities among 12 surrenderees

➤ The Freeman: Former Aklan town mayor sentenced to 14 years for death of broadcaster

➤ The Freeman: Truck with butane canisters catches fire in Talisay City accident

Sun.Star Cebu: Cop, 2 pushers arrested in Danao City anti-drug operations

Sun.Star Cebu: Dole 7 director says underpaid workers can claim back pay

Sun.Star Cebu: Pusher who gets supply from provincial jail killed in buy-bust

Sun.Star Cebu: Capitol to open P6 million mini-hospital in Provincial jail

Cebu Daily News: PRO 7 head backs Duterte, says drug list is reliable

Cebu Daily News: Capitol backs emergency powers for Duterte to address traffic

Cebu Daily News: Muslims in Cebu to provide drug list to PNP

Cebu Daily News: Soldiers to assists police in Cebu City in securing public areas

Cebu Business News

➤ The Freeman: DOT 7 identifies 3 key areas in Cebu tourism industry

➤ The Freeman: PHL exports drops 11.4 percent to $4.8 billion

➤ The Freeman: HSBC says PHL banking industry boosted by economic growth

Sun.Star Cebu: Expert urges local businessmen to link up

Sun.Star Cebu: BSP sees BPO industry to surpass OFW remittances

Cebu Daily News: Expert encourages large firms to link up with small businesses

Cebu Sports Stories

Sun.Star Cebu: Cebuano to make debut in One FC championship

➤ The Freeman: UV battles USJ-R for Cesafi lead

Cebu Daily News: CIT-U to field team in high school volleyball


Cebu Opinion

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Wily Tommy keeps outsmarting Rama

Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: After gloating over Rama’s predicament, Tomas gets stung by Napolcom

Cebu Daily News Editorial: Jail consultant’s resignation fails to diminish cyberporn problem in jail

Bong Wenceslao: Duterte’s outbursts lead to three controversies

Cheking Seares: Duterte’s evolving defense in baring drug list

Elias Espinoza: Support campaign against drugs, but don’t forget we are still a nation of laws

Publio Briones: Drug related shootings is the new normal in news pages

Aven Piramide: Does Duterte have dictatorial tendencies?

Atty. Josephus Jimenez: What if some mayors in list are really innocent?

Jojo Bersales: I hope Duterte stays the course in war against drugs

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