Several residents of Barangay Polog, Consolacion expressed their sentiments that it’s better for the landfill in their area, which is being operated by Asian Energy Systems Corp., to be closed.

The sentiments were raised shortly after the landfill fire last April 16 in Barangay Tapul, Talisay City, Cebu.

According to the residents and barangay officials, the garbage dump has been adversely affecting them and their long-standing grievances are still not yet addressed by the landfill operator and concerned government agencies.

Barangay officials also shared that they recently noticed that there are trucks leaving that still loaded with garbage. The garbage truck drivers explained that they were having difficulty going to the garbage dump due to the rocky uphill road. Instead, they just go to other landfills to dump their garbage load.

The drivers, who requested to remain anonymous, said that they were only experiencing such during rainy days. However, the road situation became worse as even during dry season they have not been able to go uphill to the dumping site.

Earlier this year, barangay councilor Alan Balaba said in an interview with Bombo Radyo that the lingering pungent smell from the nearby landfill negatively affects their lives.

Aside from the foul smell, Balaba added that liquid secretes from the garbage affect the quality of their water, posing risks to their health.

He also criticized the lack of action from the Department of Natural Resources (DENR) and the apparent lack of pollution control from the Asian Energy Systems Corp.

“Duga jud na didto, grabe kaayo! Wala man gud sila ge require og klaro ultimo taga DENR mag lisod og kuan. Dapat gani ang company na ay pollution control, how come kana tanan yawa og duga sa tibook Cebu naa diha naa ge labay diri sa lapu-lapu halos tanan,” Balaba said.

The barangay official criticized the company as it fails to follow the regulations to minimize the smell and air pollution from the landfill.

He also expressed fear for barangay residents who could have health issues due to polluted air and water in their area.

Balaba is determined to convey their sentiments to the public and the media for the government to act on the matter, saying that landfill pollution requires immediate action from the authorities.

Also, earlier this year, a video testimony was uploaded by a netizen, it showed a whistleblower revealing the “poor system” of garbage management in the landfill.

The whistleblower said that their work is dangerous due to lack of a proper waste segregation system in the landfill.

In addition to this, he also mentioned the foul smell coming in the landfill, which not only torments the workers but also causes bad effects for the health of the people around it.

The whistleblower’s testimony drew support from netizens who also sympathized with the landfill workers.