Update: Port Restaurant has postponed its July promo. We just received this announcement from assistant manager Tom Pitogo. Here’s his statement:

Please be advised that we are going to retract the recent announcement we had on anniversary promo and the roast lamb last June 23, 2015. This is due to the on going renovation of the restaurant. We apologize for that. The promo and roast lamb shall go but on the later time. We just need to full blast everything after the renovations.

On its 17th year, the Port Restaurant brings back 17 dishes that were customer favorites and starts serving them in the July buffet menu when it celebrates its anniversary with super cool promos.

In addition, the family-owned Port will introduce roasted lamb chop on skewers that will be served by a chef in pirate outfit called Captain Cook.

Evangeline Hayco, chief operations officer of the Port Restaurant at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, said they’re bringing back 17 years of Port classics and offering them starting in July.

“We did a study and asked our regular clientele what their favorite Port dishes throughout the years were. We made a list and we’re offering them together in the buffet menu this July,” she added.

Port lechon kawali
PORT FAVORITE. Among the favorite dishes of Port regulars is this crunchy lechon kawali.

Port menu

The dishes include such Filipino classics as kare-kare, lechon kawali, sizzling bangus, pork humba with egg, and chicken in pandan leaves.

For starters, there will be dilis in teriyaki sauce, green mango salad, seaweed salad and hot Halaan soup of nicely seasoned freshly-caught clams.

Port Restaurant kare kare
Kare kare.

Rounding up Port Restaurant’s menu for July are cheesy baked oysters, deep fried crablets, crab with jackfruit, krispy kangkong, drunken shrimp, three choices of pasta, pizza, and desserts of buko pandan, munchkin truffles, and soft-served ice cream.

As part of its anniversary month celebration in July, Port makes dining even more affordable for the last week of the month as it will cost only P17 for one of every two diners. The regular price is P279 for lunch and P379 for dinner.

Port dilis in teriyaki sauce
Dilis in teriyaki sauce.

Roasted lamb

“In addition to the menu, every now and then we come up with a trend that other restaurants serve as well. We were the first to serve a whole lechon in the buffet that even two customers can enjoy. Before, you need to be a group of 30 before you can order one roasted pig. Although lechon is a classic, serving a whole lechon had never been done before in a restaurant,” Hayco pointed out.

Port roast lamb
ROAST LAMB. Port will have a chef serve the roast lamb chop on skewers shaped like a trident from table to table to bring back the “personal touch” to the buffet.

Tom Pitogo, assistant manager of marketing and sales, said the purpose in having a chef serve the roast lamb chop on skewers shaped like a trident from table to table is to bring back the “personal touch” to the buffet.

Port drunken shrimp
Deep fried shrimp on a beer batter coating. This is a favorite among regulars.

This will give diners the chance to interact with the chef and give feedback or ask questions about the restaurant’s dishes, Hayco cited, adding that Captain Cook can also pose for photos and interact with kids or even the kids at heart.

“We want to provide table side service even in a buffet setting. It’s going to be interactive and electric. Lamb is something you can enjoy in a five-star restaurant but we serve it at Port to allow our customers to experience fine dining food,” Hayco said, adding it is in keeping with the restaurant’s goal of providing customers fine food and service at an affordable price.

Marlen is the editor of MyCebu.ph and co-founder of Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media.

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