Whether you’re getting a starter house or a more permanent home, the Pueblo de Oro Cebu Communities in Lapu-Lapu City provides a wide range of products that caters to the different needs of Cebuano families.

Pueblo de Oro Cebu is building a 30-hectare masterplanned residential community in Barangay Babag II that is divided into three housing developments, said its marketing manager Edrin T. Castor.

The first of its residential development is La Aldea del Mar, which offers affordable townhouses for young families.

Park Place Pueblo de Oro Lapu-Lapu City
PARK PLACE. The expanded model house of Park Place, a development by Pueblo de Oro Cebu Communities in Babag II, Lapu-Lapu City.

La Aldea del Mar

Caster said a La Aldea del Mar two-storey townhouse has gross floor area of 44.5 square meters for both inner and outer units. The minimum lot area for inner units is 40 square meters and 60 square meters for outer units.

The selling price for La Aldea del Mar inner house and lot is P1.047 million while the cost of outer units can range from P1.37 million to P1.54 million depending on the size of the lot.

Pueblo de Oro offers easy downpayment terms for La Aldea, which range from P4,805 to P7,126.25 monthly for 36 months. There are over 2,000 house and lot units at La Aldea del Mar.

Pueblo de Oro Park Place
DEVELOPMENT. Pueblo de Oro will build only 478 housing units under the Park Place community.

Park Place

Another housing development within the Pueblo de Oro Cebu Communities is Park Place. This residential development is a lot smaller than La Aldea since it only has 478 housing units. The houses are built in pairs or as duplex homes.

Each Park Place unit has gross floor area of 64.5 square meters and minimum lot area of 80 square meters and costs P1.91 million. Pueblo de Oro sells only bare units. This means that homeowners will be the ones to do the finishing works, such as painting, tiling, and putting in partitions.

Park Place downpayment terms can be as long as 36 months at P8,568.58 per month. Pueblo de Oro also offers in-house, bank, and Pag-ibig financing for La Aldea and Park Place housing units.

Pueblo de Oro La Aldea del Mar, Park Place, and The Horizons
3 COMMUNITIES. The Pueblo de Oro Cebu Communities in Lapu-Lapu City are La Aldea del Mar, Park Place, and The Horizons Residences. Each community is separate from each other, with its own gate and amenities.

The Horizons Residences

An upcoming residential development within the 30-hectare Pueblo de Oro Cebu community is The Horizons Residences. Housing units here will be single detached and have bigger floor and lot areas than La Aldea and Park Place, explained Caster.

Pueblo de Oro is located in Babag II, shortly before the Pilipog Bridge that connects the main island of Mactan to the town of Cordova.

The access road that leads to the Pueblo de Oro Cebu community from the main Mactan Circumferential Road is narrow and covered with gravel, but Caster said the property developer is collaborating with the Lapu-Lapu City Government to have this widened and asphalted.

Pueblo de Oro Park Place kiosk
ROTUNDA. The kiosk at the rotunda near Park Place.

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