This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, September 23, 2016.

ANOTHER ONE. Cebu recorded 12 dead in 24 hours in the battle against drugs. Late last night, another pusher was found dead in Basak Pardo. This guy wasn't included in the previous tally of 12. (Photo from Wang Wang Cebu's Facebook page)
THREE PER DAY. Since July 1, Region 7 has reported 232 deaths in the drug war, an average of three deaths per day.

Region 7 kill toll hits 232 since July 1, almost 3 per day

PRO 7 reported 232 deaths since July 1, or a day after President Rodrigo Duterte took office. Of the 232, more than half of the deaths are under investigation. PRO 7 also said 2,032 drug personalities have been arrested, 989 of whom are pushers. Close to 75,000 have also surrendered under Oplan Tokhang.

One hundred six were killed in action, while 126 were killed under investigation. PRO 7 regional director Noli Talino.

Read: Freeman: PRO 7 reports 232 deaths in drug war since July 1

Cebu Daily News: Jeep dispatcher is latest victim in drug war

Pushers using Viber, banks for drug deals

PDEA 7 revealed that new players have joined the drug trade in Cebu, using banks and social media apps to avoid getting busted by police. Instead of face-to-face payment, PDEA 7 said pushers now have buyers pay through banks.

We deposit the payment in the bank, take photo of the deposit slip and send the photo to the supplier via Viber. PDEA 7 regional director Yogi Ruiz on new style of buy-bust operation.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: New players step in as Bilibid drug supply is crippled.

Freeman: Dealers now demand 50 percent payment via bank for drug deals.

Conflict with City Hall leaves barangay workers unpaid

A change in the administration has led to the delays of honorarium for barangay workers from Tisa and Apas, whose barangay captains are allied with losing mayoraly bet Michael Rama. Tisa barangay captain Philip Zafra said they have complied with all requirements but the workers in his barangay still haven’t been paid for almost four months. He also said only barangays whose leaders are allied with Mayor Tomas Osmena got their honoraria released on time.

My appeal to the concerned departments is that they should work on this and really pay attention on the honorarium of our barangay workers because they are not playing around, they are working. They have families to feed. What would they do when they haven’t received their honorarium for how many months? They might not want to work anymore, it can really affect our services. Tisa barangay captain Philip Zafra.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Workers in barangays allied with Rama fail to get salary for four months.

Sun.Star Cebu: Officials, workers of non-BOPK barangays unpaid since Tomas took over City Hall


Other Cebu News.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: After pissing contest with Napolcom, Tomas regains control over city police

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Cops nab 8 in latest anti-drug operations

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Talisay City police collars seven, including a minor, in drug bust

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Duterte supporters to launch caravan, want de Lima to resign

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: PIA urges local media to help government spread information in grassroots level

➤ The Freeman: Zika victim in Cebu is five months pregnant

➤ The Freeman: Working student falls in Tejero drug bust

➤ The Freeman: Painter arrested after making bomb joke in first day of work

➤ Cebu Daily News: Shabu prices in Cebu double

➤ Cebu Daily News: Davide follows Digong’s cue, issues EO on FOI in Capitol

Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Architect opens showroom for high-end brands

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Author Solutions eye expansion in Cagayan de Oro, Davao

➤ The Freeman: SM Seaside opens Sky Park

➤ Cebu Daily News: Cafe Laguna eyes expansion in US

➤ Cebu Daily News: DTI urges consumers to report retailers that violate price ceiling


Cebu Sports News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Argao to hold 2nd Dragon boat competition

➤ Cebu Daily News: SWU Cobras win 11th straight game in Cesafi

➤ The Freeman: Hundreds join 25th Jawad Cup

Cebu Opinion

➤ Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: More information on Zika should be relayed to avoid panic

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Jail congestion a result of slow justice system

➤ Orlando Carvajal: Why PHL needs federalism

➤ Bong Wenceslao: Turn zoo over to private sector, don’t close it

➤ Atty. Checking Seares: Contrasing probes in Congress, Senate

➤ Frank Malilong: Interesting tales from Bilibid, gambling and bribery

➤ Bobit Avila: Why can’t we put an end to war on drugs?

➤ Korina Sanchez: Resolve issue with China first before purchasing arms

➤ Jerry Tundag: Tables turn on Leila de Lima

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