Cebu Daily News publisher Eileen Mangubat used this typewriter before she became Sun.Star news editor. She then passed it on to Edralyn Benedicto, a Sun.Star reporter at the time, who gave it up when the paper shifted to computers.

On this typewriter, Mangubat wrote stories about the abduction of Fr. Rudy Romano, the fall of the Marcos regime and various key events of Cebu’s recent history.

This typewriter was a second-hand unit purchased by Sun.Star in the eighties. Pachico A. Seares bought it when the company disposed of its typewriters with the advent of PCs in its old newsroom at the leased building on Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City.

Play the video below to listen to Mangubat talk about how it was to write news stories on a typewriter.

Play the video below to listen to Mangubat reminisce about stories she wrote on this typewriter.

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