Sinulog has both a religious and festive component. This year, however, its festive side was marred by reports of what The Freeman has now described as “hooliganism.”

We are gathering suggestions and feedback from people on how to make next year’s Sinulog, including the street parties, better, more fun and safer for everyone: pilgrims, partygoers, bystanders and passers-by. If you want to join the discussion, head off to MyView: Did we party too hard during Sinulog? What should City Hall do in Sinulog 2016?

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Meanwhile, 3 students from Cebu, including 1 who nearly fell asleep because she did not drink coffee, topped the Dental del Rio Dentistry Board Exam. At City Hall, Mayor Michael Rama disapproved a City Council resolution for the purchase of 80 garbage trucks for all of the city’s barangays.

Here are the top Cebu news stories for January 22, 2015:

DAMAGED. A FB community member submitted this photo saying this car was damaged amid the rowdy Sinulog revelry. We have not, however, been able to independently confirm its veracity.
DAMAGED. A FB community member submitted this photo saying this car was damaged amid the rowdy Sinulog revelry. We have not, however, been able to independently confirm its veracity.

The Freeman: Rise of hooliganism “a big blackeye for the Sinulog and Cebu City”

The Freeman says in its editorial today that hooliganism, criminal violence linked to football abroad, is “creeping inexorably” to the festival.

One of the cars trashed during the Sinulog. (Photo by Mike Limpag)
One of the cars trashed during the Sinulog in 2014. (Photo by Mike Limpag)

Here are a few examples. On Ramon Aboitiz Street near the Redemptorist Church, an unattended car parked in a commercial complex suffered a damaged roof and a broken windshield because drunk hooligans jumped on it and used the vehicle as a dance floor to an after-Sinulog party that was going on.

Is this what the Sinulog has become? Is this what the Sinulog is all about? Is this the picture of Cebu City we want to project to others? Many of those in the cars and taxis caught in these roads of hell and other places like them were visitors.

We agree that drinking cannot be removed from the picture because that is part of what a fiesta is all about. But the city government, as overall host of the event, cannot shirk from its responsibility of protecting everyone.

It will be another year before the next Sinulog but now is a good time to start preparing for the other aspects needed for success that were clearly overlooked this time

Among the paper’s suggestions: make sure all roads are open after the parade and patrols to implement this.

Read the full editorial: A big blackeye for the Sinulog and Cebu City

Sinulog after party
RAISING CONCERNS. People sleeping on pavements after a night of heavy after-Sinulog partying has raised concerns among local residents over the safety of the revelers. (Photo by Dr. Kristina Dosdos, reprinted with permission)

What’s you take? What do you suggest? Join our discussion in this article.

1 SWU student, 2 from CDU top Dentistry Board Exams

They are: Faye Jennifer Cabrera of Southwestern University (SWU), who placed 3rd; Cristy Allysa Almonte, of Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) who ranked 7th; Rose Elaine Li of CDU who was at 10th place.

Almonte, according to the Sun.Star Cebu story, almost fell asleep while taking the exam because her friends told her not to take coffee.

Almonte is from Oroquieta City in Misamis Occidental. She is the daughter of a doctor working for the City Government and a dentist.

Cristy Almonte
7TH PLACER. Cristy Allysa Almonte. (Photo taken from FB profile)

“I have seen their hard work and I wanted to make it all worth it in the end.” — Dentistry Board 7th placer Cristy Allysa Almonte talking about her parents.

Councilor Carillo proposes requiring companies in Cebu to hire senior citizens

For every 10 workers, a Cebu City company should have 1 senior citizens, Cebu City Councilor Gerardo Carillo proposed in an ordinance.

Sun.Star Cebu said a national law already provides incentives to companies that hire senior citizens. Carillo, however, wants to make this a requirement for companies in Cebu City.

His proposal: 10 percent of a company’s labor force should be allotted to senior citizens.

“It is common knowledge that some members of this sector are still physically and mentally capable to perform tasks that some young adults perform. Most of the members of this sector are still willing to work if given the opportunity by the business sector.” — Councilor Gerardo Carillo

“It is a good ordinance if you think of it, but is it practical in all kinds of businesses?” — Cebu City Councilor Margarita Osmeña, asking if it would cover all kinds of businesses, including karaoke bars and massage parlors.

But during discussions at the City Council yesterday, Carillo apparently offered to change the resolution and make it voluntary after hearing the views of various industry and sector representatives.

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