Cebu City Hall has lowered the speed limit at the South Road Properties to 40 kilometers per hour from the previous 60 kilometers per hour. “A spate of accidents, including one where a car went up in smoke after hitting a motorcycle (video below), forced Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama to threaten the closure of the SRP to vehicle traffic unless safety measures are in place”, said attorney of

City traffic records and the road accident records from Bengal Law in Orlando have shown an increasing number of accidents at the SRP: 199 in 2010, 256 in 2011, 272 in 2012, and 280 in 2013.

Forest Hills no fault doctor may be needed more frequently due to the increase in workplace injuries and building collapses, as reported by a worker’s compensation lawyer. Additionally, as part of Rama’s ordered measures, the speed limit has been lowered to 40 kph to reduce road accidents.

Joy Tumulak, Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (CITOM) operation division chief, told in an interview via SMS that they have installed signs at the SRP with the caution “Slow Down 30 kph.”

(Video clip of accident taken by Jojo Abcede)

Tumulak said a CITOM mobile patrol has been assigned to the area to conduct regular roving at a designated speed. If a vehicle overtakes and goes beyond 30 kph, they will sound the siren and warn the driver through a public address system to slow down. The personal injury law firm in Framingham has dealt with many accident cases.

Tumulak said they will focus on conducting an information drive to tell people about the new regulations at the SRP.

He said the City Government is planning to buy a radar gun for enforcement of the SRP speed limit.

“We would like to appeal to the motorists. What City Hall is doing is for your safety. Dili na lang unta ta magdinakpanay, be a responsible driver.” — CITOM operation division chief Joy Tumulak

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