Comfortable, light, and dubbed the “ultimate footwear for bathing, sailing and playing around in water,” SWIMS is a great choice for your next pair.

I got my first SWIMS during a recent sale by the Primer Group, the brand’s exclusive distributor.

The first thing you’ll notice with SWIMS is how light its shoes are. It is the lightest I’ve ever tried on – almost as weightless as the flimsy slippers you get in hotels.

With SWIMS on, it’s like walking on air.

SWIMS loafer Cebu
COMFORT, QUALITY. A pair of SWIMS is light and comfortable for urban walking throughout the day.

Norwegian brand

SWIMS is a Norwegian brand that started in 2006. The company said it started with galoshes, a kind of traditional waterproof footwear that is worn over your shoes, to protect it from the rain or mud.

“While Scandinavia is famous for clean and minimalistic design, Norwegian brands are particularly functional and have to adapt to the highly contrasting seasons they face at home,” the company said.

SWIMS, the company said, “allow the typical urban Scandinavian to look sleek with a touch of cheekiness, comfort and ultimate functionality fit for both slushy winter days in the city and warm days out on the boat during the summer season.”


Comfortable pair

I’ve used the pair for several weeks now and it is by far the most comfortable one I’ve used. Work makes me walk a lot – from coverages to meetings to remote work in coffee shops – and SWIMS makes all that walking easy.

SWIMS also looks great with both formal or casual wear.

In making its shoes, SWIMS highlights water-friendly materials, breathability, drainage so you won’t have to slosh around when you do get wet, and ability to be machine-washed.

The rubber it uses is 100% natural, anti-slip, and non-marking, the company said. The shoes have “gills” on the side for ventilation, airflow and drainage. Its sole is an Eva Footbed that is “ergonomically molded, highly breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, soft, comfortable, and shock absorbing.”

SWIMS. The first thing you’ll notice after putting on a pair of SWIMS is how light and comfortable it is.

Urban travelers

The “sandwich mesh upper” on the front is also breathable, anti-bacterial, adaptable, and water friendly.

The “playful approach” to design, always with an eye to functionality, has made SWIMS popular among a discerning and passionate group.

“We have grown to serve the lifestyle of international urban travelers with a need for function, quality and design,” the company said.

SWIMS is available in Cebu in General and ResToeRun.

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