With elections just a year away, political posturing has started in Talisay with Mayor Johnny delos Reyes accusing the City Council of trying to sabotage his administration by cutting his P1-billion budget by almost half.

In Cebu City, delays in garbage collections have worsened after the closure of the Inayawan sanitary landfill. The problem has been exacerbated by the lack of garbage trucks, bad roads and the heavy traffic from Cebu City to Consolacion, said a top official.

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Here are the top Cebu news stories for January 21, 2015:

Mayor Johnny de los Reyes
Talisay Mayor Johnny de los Reyes. (Photo taken from Talisay PIO Facebook page)

Talisay Mayor de los Reyes vetoes budget approved by City Council; Council ready to override mayor’s veto

Talisay City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes said it is his duty to veto the P539 million budget approved by the City Council. De los Reyes had proposed a P1-billion budget. He said Talisay deserved better services

De los Reyes told reporters the City Council “committed acts beyond its powers” when it cut the proposed P1.081 billion to just P539.941 million.

“As father of the City it is my duty to show the council that it has done the wrong thing so I will veto the budget.” — Talisay City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes, as quoted in Sun.Star Cebu

De los Reyes accused the council, including former political ally Vice Mayor Romeo Villarante, of trying to sabotage his administration.

Villarente, however, said they cut appropriations that the mayor’s office could not properly explain. He asked the mayor to “stop misleading” Talisay residents.

“When we called several department heads to discuss further the lump sum, other maintenance and operating expenses and special activities, they couldn’t give us a sufficient explanation that’s why the council slashed the budget.” — Vice Mayor Romeo Villarante, as quoted in Sun.Star Cebu

Council members are ready to override the mayor’s veto. The council is dominated by the opposition Alayon Party of former mayor Eddie Gullas, with 7 members. However, 2 of de los Reyes’ allies, Councilors Danilo Caballero and Aldin Diaz, will support overriding the veto. That leaves, according to The Freeman, only 2 councilors to support Mayor de los Reyes.

The issue could drag on as Talisay City Legal Officer Alfredo Sipalay said that if the council overrides the mayor’s veto, de los Reyes can either raise the issue to the Cebu Provincial Board or the courts.


Garbage collection problem in Cebu City worsens with Inayawan closure

The problem on garbage collection in the south district of Cebu City has worsened with the closure of the Inayawan sanitary landfill.

When before barangay garbage trucks only had to bring their collection to Inayawan, they now have travel about 12 kilometers north to Consolacion to dump it in a private landfill.

Association of Barangay Councils president and Tisa barangay captain Phillip Zafra said barangays from the south district are struggling with garbage collection. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of garbage trucks, bad roads and heavy traffic to Consolacion.

“The landfill is just too far and the roads going there are in bad condition, so even the garbage trucks that are able to run eventually conk out. Also, the traffic going to Consolacion is very heavy. Our garbage trucks can barely make two trips in a day, that’s why we cannot avoid delays in the collection of the garbage.” — Association of Barangay Councils president P.

As solution, the barangays will ask the City Government to look for a private landfill closer to them, in Talisay City or Minglanilla.

Parking in Fuente to follow procedures in Mactan Airport

City traffic officials are changing the parking procedures at the Fuente Osmeña area to follow the procedure being implemented at the Mactan airport.

“Starting today, only diagonal parking will be allowed on a designated parking bay across the Rajah Park Hotel and nearby establishments. The outermost lane, the lane beside the sidewalk, will strictly be a no-parking lane to make way for vehicles that will drive by to drop off or pick up passengers.” Sun.Star Cebu explained the changed procedures in its report.

The change comes a week after they modified parking and stopping rules in the area to address congestion.

“The parking scheme in Fuente starting today will be exactly like what is being implemented at the Mactan airport… All the vehicles will have to park diagonally, with the nose (of the car) going in first.” — Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama

Rama warned traffic enforcers will be strictly monitoring the area and arresting erring drivers.

“We need to ensure a continuous traffic flow there because Gen. Maxilom and the Fuente Osmeña circle area is a vital road network that leads to hospitals. You cannot count the number of ambulances that pass that area every day.” — Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (Citom) Executive Director Victor Caindec

Low oil prices will not last; save more, expand investments

PRICES of oil products will not stay low and people should take advantage of its current level by saving more, accelerating loan payments or expanding investments.

Department of Energy (DOE) energy industry management division chief Saul Gonzales says prices will likely increase again later this year.

“People should not spend too much of whatever savings they get out of the cheap fuel because this is temporary,” Gonzales said.

Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Teresa Chan said the public “should take advantage of the cheap fuel by increasing savings, pre-terminating loans or accelerating payments, or expanding investments,” Sun.Star Cebu said in its news report.

This week, prices of oil were cut again by P1.25 per liter for gasoline and P1.45 per liter for diesel.

Maritime Industry Authority 7 Director Nanette Villamor-Dinopol said some shipping companies in Cebu have decided to adjust freight and passenger rates.

Other top stories:


Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: ‘Be quiet’

“But here’s one more thing the Pope can teach all of us: that a truth is more potent when well-timed. And that sometimes the best thing to do, when all one wants to do is grumble, is to be quiet.”

The Freeman editorial: The trash comes with the territory

Don’t just bitch about the trash…

“What we should be bitching about is the unruliness of the crowds in the streets in the after-Sinulog parties. Where are the policemen, barangay tanods and other peace-keepers when they are needed to control those who take over the streets and prevent vehicles from moving forward, blocking their way and terrorizing their occupants by banging on the sides or jumping on them and rocking them, spraying them with beer or worse, spray-painting them.”

Bobby Nalzaro asks: Did Bebot Abellanosa use the Sinulog for politics?

A tarpaulin with photos of Bebot covered the float with the markings: “Abellana National School contingent is sponsored and powered by ACT.” How come his photos were displayed in the float when ACT was the sponsor? The emcee, Sam Costanilla, also kept mentioning his name. Is that allowed now by the Sinulog Foundation? I am afraid that next year’s Sinulog will banner politicians’ names and photos considering that it’s an election year.

Cebu Business Headlines

Don’t just depend on EU-GSP+, focus on quality of products to do well in the European market, exporters told

“The EU-GSP+ is just gravy on the steak. Ultimately, it is the quality that will determine your marketability. While we can take advantage of these preferential trading agreements. We should not put all our eggs in there.” Export Development Bureau Director Senen Perlada

More opportunities open for Filipinos to work, live in Canada

New immigration policies will allow more Filipinos to work in Canada, according to Cebu-based via consultancy PinoyCare Visa Center. Canada has expanded its skill categories to 2,000. The country has also offered an Express Entry option “designed to get people with the skills to succeed in Canada’s economy faster than ever.”

With Express Entry, applications by skilled workers to move to Canada is done within 6 months or less.


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