This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 10, 2016.

GAME KA NA BA? Tomas Osmena, who is in the US for his annual checkup, issued his latest challenge to Mike Rama via his Facebook page. (Photo from Tommy Osmena's FB page)
GAME KA NA BA? Tomas Osmena, who is in the US for his annual checkup, issued his latest challenge to Mike Rama via his Facebook page. (Photo from Tommy Osmena’s FB page)

Tomas wants Mike to answer: Did you receive, solicit money from drug lords?

CEBU City mayor Tomas Osmeña challenged former mayor Mike Rama to a lie detector test, to settle the issue on which mayor is the real drug protector. Osmeña extended the challenge to Supt. Romeo Santander, one of the cops named by President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly involved in the drug trade.

I am publicly challenging Mr. Michael Rama to a lie detector test. He said the truth will set him free? let’s see about that…I challenge Supt. Romeo Santander, Mr. Rama’s alleged bagman who I alluded to in my most recent press con, to submit to the same test as well. Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña

Wala g’yud ko kasabot nganong naabot na. Nganong kami man’ng duha? Apil siya? Unsa may kahadlokan nato ana’ng lie? I have never been into lying. So wala ta ana. Dili ta mahadlok ana. Former Cebu City mayor Mike Rama.

Read: Freeman: Tomas dares Mike: Answer ‘Did you solicit money from Jaguar or any drug lord?’ under lie detector test.

Cebu Daily News: Osmena names Santander as Rama’s bag man.

Student nabbed for using nude photo to solicit P500 load, sex

A male college student is now in jail after he was nabbed for threatening to upload the naked photos of a college student in exchange for load and sex. The victim said she handed over access to her e-mail after recieving a private message from a friend, who later turned out to be the suspect. The suspect was caught in an entrapment operation and now needs a P100,000 bail for his temporary release.

He used the photos to blackmail me by demanding P500 worth of cellphone load and threatened me that he would spread the photos on social media if I will not give his demand. Victim on her affidavit.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: College student faces criminal charges for trying to blackmail fellow student.

PDEA wants Anti-Money laundering council to go after drug lords’ assets

Aside from publicly naming them, suspected drug lords may have their assets seized by the Anti-Money Laundering COuncil. PDEA 7 director Yogi Felimon Ruiz said he is coordinating with the AMLC to look into the financial records of the drug lords.

We are given three to six months by President Duterte to get at least seven of the top 10 drug lords. We hope to conduct intensified operations in the coming days in order to arrest the drug lords. PDEA 7 director Yogi Ruiz.

Sun.Star Cebu: PDEA 7 asks anti-money laundering council’s help in probing drug lords’ assets.

Other Cebu News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Official confirms alleged drug lord used to work at City Hall as Citom enforcer

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Former call center agent completes journey to priesthood

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Archbishop Palma urges Duterte to verify list before destroying peoples’ reputations

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: As more people die in drug war, Cebu City council wants probe into killings

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Authorities alarmed with rising number of teen pregnancies in the region

➤ The Freeman: Dancing inmates want ‘resigned’ jail consultant back

➤ The Freeman: Cops probe Jaguar’s successor in Central Visayas drug ring

➤ The Freeman: Capitol passes ordinance granting scholarships to PWDs, children of those who surrendered in drugs campaign

➤ The Freeman: Mandaue City creates program to deal with rehab of drug dependents

➤ Cebu Daily News: Bohol governor vows to give own list of narco-politicians in province

➤ Cebu Daily News: Rookie cop in Cebu City tourist police nabbed for buying shabu in Danao City

➤ Cebu Daily News: Couple files accuses cop of pointing gun at them, files complaint

Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: PHL’s business industry not prepared to deal with cyber-security threats

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Number of banks in Central Visayas increases to 622 from 602

➤ The Freeman: Expert urges retailers to think of new ideas for business

➤ The Freeman: Metro Gaisano reports P262 million profit in first half of 2016

➤ The Cebu Daily News: Aside from drug menace, PHL must also deal with cyber threats

➤ Cebu Daily News: DTI to hold seminar for startups

Cebu Sports News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Diaz’s silver medal in Rio inspires Cebuano weightlifters

➤ The Freeman: Nietes eager to make impression in flyweight debut

➤ Cebu Daily News: Strong finish lifts UC over USPF in Cesafi college basketball


Cebu Opinion

➤ Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Finally, City, Capitol will tackle 93-1 lot exchange

➤ The Freeman Editorial: We can not afford to get distracted in war against drugs

➤ Cebu Daily News Editorial: Cops finally score big fish in Cebu’s anti-drug ops

➤ Bobby Nalzaro: Even if the PNP can’t prove case against him, Rama’s reputation in tatters

➤ Eddie Barrita: How did PNP come up with list of drug personalities?

➤ Bong Wenceslao: Marcos’ burial in Libingan ng Bayani will put history upside down

➤ Bobit Avila: Duterte must update his list of people involved in drugs

➤ Korina Sanchez: Diaz’s feat in Rio is simply amazing

➤ Jerry S. Tundag: Listen to the other side of the Martial Law narrative

➤ Atty. Josephus Jimenez: Palace preparing another list of mayors in drug trade

➤ Raymund Fernandez: Marcos’ burial at Libingan ng Bayani marks family’s return to power

➤ Nestor Ramirez: Shaming will not end the drug trade

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