This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, July 25, 2016.

YOUR MOVE.  Tomas Osmena said he is only stopping the City Council's witch-hung in barring the department heads from facing them. (Photo from Tomas Osmena's Facebook page)
YOUR MOVE. Tomas Osmena said he is only trying to stop the City Council’s witch-hunt when he required the department heads to seek his clearance before facing them. (Photo from Tomas Osmena’s Facebook page)

Tomas’s latest move: Seek clearance before meeting City Council.

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena issued another memo requiring department heads and heads of officies to seek his clearance before attending any activities. Osmena said this is his way of preventing the Cebu City Council, dominated by members of his rival party Team Rama, from conducting any witch-hunt.

…I will allow them to talk to the media because I think you are more reasonable. Ila man grandstanding is witch hunting, you know. But I will allow media to talk to them anytime. They are not under any restrictions for the sake of public transparency. But the council, no. Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Tomas requires department heads to seek his clearance before attending activities.

Cebu Daily News: Tomas bars department heads from appearing before city council without clearance

Official seeks Ombudsman’s help in sacking of 500 barangay health workers.

ABC president Philip Zafra is seeking the help of the Ombudsman to probe the termination of more than 500 barangay health workers by Tomas Osmena. Osmena, citing the need to cut expenses, terminated the services of the BHWs in a July 4 memo. However, he met some of the workers last Friday to announce a one-month extension of their services and that they could reapply after their termination.

It is also worth noting that subsequent news reports purport that a certain councilor allied with the political party of the city mayor was encouraging terminated BHWs to approach City Hall to reapply. What then is the purpose of the BHWs termination if they were also encouraged to reapply. ABC president Philip Zafra.

Read: Freeman: ABC president seeks Ombudsman’s help in sacking of barangay health workers.

Cebu Daily News: Zafra wants Tomas probed over sacking of 500 health workers.

Apas residents sue Capitol over lots.

Twenty-two residents of Barangay Apas sued the Cebu Provincial Government for failing to void the title issued to a private individuals over two lots that they occupy. In 2014, 157 homes in the two lots were demloshed by the court, which said it was owned by Aleth Suico-Magat and her siblings. However, the houses of the 22 residents were spared.

We would like to inform you that sooner or later, we will be a subject of demolition if and when the Province of Cebu will not take steps in protecting its properties. Complaint filed by 22 residents.

Read: Freeman: Apas residents sue Capitol to protect homes

Sun.Star Cebu: Residents blast Capitol over inaction in land dispute

Other Cebu News.

Freeman: Provincial board urges LTO to run after cars with DU30 plates

Freeman: Four killed in latest anti-drug operations

Freeman: PNP uproots P3M worth of marijuana plants

Sun.Star Cebu: ABC urges Duterte to name mayors, cops involved in drug trade

Sun.Star Cebu: Local press council lauds DU30’s FOI

Sun.Star Cebu: Pusher who surrendered to cops gets caught selling drugs

Sun.Star Cebu: PDEA 7 searches for Chinese drug mule’s local contacts

Cebu Daily News: Duterte signs EO on Freedom of Information

Cebu Daily News: Local leaders expect DU30 to focus on war on drugs, federalism in first SONA

Cebu Daily News: Businessmen hopes Digong will spell out economic agenda in SONA

Cebu Daily News: 3 killed in Danao shootout

Cebu Business News.

Freeman: Local retailers urged to improve as foreign brands enter market

Freeman: Telcos announce plan to address slow internet in PHL

Sun.Star Cebu: Capitol lauds organizers of 12th Cebu Goes Culinary

Sun.Star Cebu: Businessmen expect Digong to give more focus on security in first SONA

Cebu Daily News: Tourism official says Cebu needs more convention centers

Cebu Daily News: Foodpanda targets Cebu’s BPO workers

Cebu Sports News.

Freeman: Pinoys rule Wekaf championship

Freeman: Green Lancers boost bond in Sibugay trip

Sun.Star Cebu: Cebuano bowlers face world’s best in World Youth Championships

Cebu Daily News: UC wins bronze in national taekwondo tournament

Cebu Opinion.

Freeman Editorial: Presidency will tame DU30

Jerry Tundag: Leonen gets favored play in uninformed media over Gloria decision

Bobit Avila: We are seeing the makings of a great president

Korina Sanchez: Church starts “Thou shall not kill” campaign

Bobby Nalzaro: Does Tomas get pleasure in other people’s suffering?

Cheking Seares: The things Tomas cannot take away in vendetta

Also Interesting: Tommy fires back at ‘biased media’ in Facebook post.

TOMMY FIRES BACK. The Cebu City Mayor is using his Facebook page to counter criticisms in mainstream media.
TOMMY FIRES BACK. The Cebu City Mayor is using his Facebook page to counter criticisms in mainstream media.


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