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Osmeña’s unique idea: A Department of Fixers

Showing he is not afraid to offer unconventional ideas, Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña is planning to legitimize fixers and put up a Department of Fixers at Cebu City Hall to streamline operations and address concerns and complaints of people transacting there.

The new department will be regulated and controlled to prevent abuses said Osmeña, who likened it to how the Cebu Investment and Promotions Center was used to be run. He also said he will implement a “no wrong number policy’ and that people working City Hall should act like waiters and not pass off customers concerns if they are not directly related ot their job.

“You know that’s the way CIPC used to run. An investor comes in and they will fix it for you. Anything. Whatever your problem is, they will fix it for you. Is this attorney good? They’ll let you know. IS this contractor good? They’ll give you three to choose from. They make it user-friendly. City Hall will have something like that….They will be just like waiters. If City Hall were to run as a restaurant, people would complain because you go there and they would ask what you want. Hamburger sandwich? Sorry, I’m not the waiter for hamburger sandwich. Who’s the waiter for hamburger sandwich? I don’t know. It’s the same in City Hall. Here, you call any office. They’ll say it’s not my job. You ask who’s in charge? The answer’s always, I don’t know. Then they’ll keep redirecting you to person after person…What it should be like is this: you go to a restaurant and order hamburger? Sure! You want salad? Sure! Want lettuce, want bread, whatever? You want me to adjust the aircon?” — Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña.

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REVOLUTIONARY IDEA. Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena presents his most novel idea so far, a Department of Fixers to help those who transact business at City Hall. He also wants employees to start acting like waiters and be responsive (Photo from Tomas Osmena's Facebook page)
REVOLUTIONARY IDEA. Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena presents his most novel idea so far, a Department of Fixers to help those who transact business at City Hall. He also wants employees to start acting like waiters and be responsive. (Photo from Tomas Osmena’s Facebook page)

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New PRO 7 chief echoes President Duterte’s anti-drug push; 289 drug personalities give up

The strong anti-drug push nationwide has resulted to the surrender of thousands of suspects pushers and admitted users. In Cebu, 289 persons–inculding a 15-year-old fourth grader and a 16-year-old drop out–turn themselves in in Cebu (127), Mandaue (131) and Consolacion (31). Five of the top drug pushers in Consolacion were among those who surrendered.

“We believe that this is because of the presidentñs commitment to eradicate illegal drugs. We want to make sure that this change they undertake is a permanent one.” Mandaue City mayor Luigi Quisumbing.

“Kahadluk mani gud kay naa lang makita sa agianan nga nangamatay.” 38-year-old confessed pusher Jona Sepada.

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Other anti-drug related news

» Sun.Star Cebu: In Carcar, Naga, 90 drug users, pushers surrender to police.

» Cebu Daily News: New PRO 7 director, a former SAF chief, urges cops with drug ties to quit now or be hunted.

» Cebu Daily News: Love of family pushes some pushers to surrender to cops.

» Cebu Daily News: PRO 7 director leads cops in surprise drug test.

» Cebu Daily News: Another drug dealer killed in operation by Lapu-Lapu police.

» The Freeman: Cop chief asks for help from community, barangay to battle drug menace.

» The Freeman: Teen, grand ma among drug suspects who yielded to cops

Mandaue, Cebu City present anti-flood solutions

Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing wants the plastic-ban implemented strictly in his city, while Mayor Tomas Osmeña is looking at catchment basins in N. Bacalso to solve the flooding problem in both city. Though Quisumbing said garbage isn’t the main cause, he acknowledged that is one of the major causes of flooding in his city and he wants the plastic ban, delayed for six years, to be implemented soon.

Osmeña, on the other hand, the P700-million project in N. Bacalso will be implemented next year.

“This is already six years delayed. Whether we don one week, one month or one year of implementation, at the end of the day, we are going to do this. We have to do this. There is really no alternative. If we are not going to do this, well, we should only have ourselves to blame kung naay baha.” — Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing.

“Why underneath N. Bacalso? Because there’s no right of way there, then the road will still be there on top of the water tank.” — Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena.

Sun.Star Cebu: Tomas, Luigi present solutions to flooding problems.

Other Cebu News

» Sun.Star Cebu: Public officials told, don’t be ignorant of the law, follow them

» Sun.Star Cebu: COA issues another red flag on City Hall, this time on P14M allowances

» Sun.Star Cebu: Norwegian, partner nabbed for forcing model to have sex with him

» Sun.Star Cebu: DPWH teams inspect creeks, flood-prone areas as storm approaches

» Sun.Star Cebu: Ombudsman asks 6 VSMMC top officials to explain involvement in scheme involving Philhealth funds

» Sun.Star Cebu: Davide declares failure of bidding on P200 million equipment deal

» Cebu Daily News: With typhoon looming, authorities prepare evacuation plans for fire victims in CICC

» Cebu Daily News: Butchoy unlikely to make landfall

» Cebu Daily News: Davide-supported Provincial Board vows to be independent

» Cebu Daily News: Mandaue traffic official receives reward for staying put despite heavy rain

» The Freeman: Malacanang declares July 6 a national holiday

» The Freeman: In lieu of Miss Cebu, Tomas wants to make Sinulog Festival Queen grander


Cebu Business News

» Sun.Star Cebu: Immigration expert says Pinoys still want to pursue American dream

» Sun.Star Cebu: Locals told to promote products to tourists

» Cebu Daily News: Business leaders welcome DTI push to promote MSMEs in mainstream market

» Cebu Daily News: Modernization push to benefit Cebuano agri-entrepeneurs

» The Freeman: Lamudi urges DU30 to reward green building developers in PHL

» The Freeman: New tourism chief should ask LGUs to revive local tourism councils

Cebu Sports News

» Sun.Star Cebu: Cesafi to continue life-preserving policies, require officials to learn CPR

» Sun.Star Cebu: CDU holds 11th edition of Cebu’s longest-running fun run

» Cebu Daily News: Valdez to hold volleyball clinic in Cebu

» Cebu Daily News: Cebu province to hold running, futsal tournament as part of annivesary celebration

» The Freeman: UST Tigers to join USJ-R basketball tournament


Cebu Opinion

» Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Tomas needs to come up with long-term solution to flood problem

» Publio Briones: Why is long time Cebu official Tomas only saying now that Miss Cebu is elitist?

» Nini Cabaero: Pag-asa mobile apps help keep public informed

» Checking Seares: Instead of canceling Miss Cebu, why not privatize annual pageant?

» Cebu Daily News Editorial: Despite number of surrenderees, war on drugs is far from over

» Ricky Poca: Tomas, Digong’s new terms offer welcome developments

» Malou Apalisok: Tomas is scrapping Miss Cebu for the wrong reasons

» The Freeman Editorial: VP Leni must scrap bus rides, learn to be security conscious

» Atty. Joseph Jimenez: Brewing rebellion in Comelec.

» Ruben Almendras: Will Cebu traffic get worse like Manila’s?

» Rene Borromeo: Anugon kay gi-pulihan dayun si Comendador

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