Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to health and one way of ensuring quality rest is to find the mattress that best fits your needs.

A rule of thumb is to “sleep the way you stand” and this is also a good guide in selecting a mattress that fits your body profile and sleeping position, according to Dindo Medina, Uratex RGC Group Business Unit Head for Monoblock and Furniture and Director for Direct to Consumers Sales Retail and E-Commerce.

A bigger or heavier person, for example, or those who sleep on their back or stomach will require a firmer mattress while side sleepers may need softer ones.

To make it easier for customers to select the best mattress that fits their needs, the company recently opened its Uratex Minglanilla branch with the first ever sleep lab in Cebu.

Uratex Minglanilla sleep lab

Customers can take a nap for a maximum of 15 minutes at the sleep lab as they try out the different mattresses on display to find the one that best fits their body structure and sleeping position.

Uratex Minglanilla, the company’s second facility in Cebu and 24th in the country, complements its sleep lab with sleep specialists who can answer questions about bamboo sheets and concerns of prospective buyers. It is located in the Belmont One Building in Calajo-an, Minglanilla.

The Minglanilla branch carries over a thousand Uratex products in the showroom, including its trill mattress or mattress in a box that can expand when taken out of its packaging. Since it is conveniently packed, it can be shipped to buyers anywhere in the country. Uratex is the biggest foam and mattress manufacturer in the country.

Citing the importance of sleep, Dr. Albert Rafanan, Chong Hua Hospital Assistant Medical Director and Head of Center for Sleep Disorders, said it is a  biological need like food, breathing, water, and shelter.

Guidelines for getting quality sleep

The right amount of sleep varies for individuals, with younger people needing more sleep, he added. Rafanan was one of the speakers at last month’s virtual Uratex event #HowDoYouSleepCebu.

There are many ways to ensure quality sleep, and foremost among them is keeping a regular sleep schedule, going to bed only when sleepy, and using the bed only for sleep and sex.

Uratex Products

Rafanan also does not recommend taking a nap during the day or trying to sleep even when one is not sleepy. Other sleep hygiene rules include limiting the use of light-emitting devices before bedtime, avoiding caffeinated drinks after lunch, steering clear of alcohol in the evening, doing fitness routine around four to five hours before bedtime, and dealing with worries before going to bed.

According to him, a comfortable bed with pieces like the linen quilts stonewashed, and a bedroom that’s a conducive environment for sleeping also contribute towards a good night’s sleep.

Marlen is the editor of and co-founder of Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media.