A lifestyle that greatly depended on technology and connectivity used to be the stuff of science fiction.

But when the unprecedented global health crisis forced countries to implement hard lockdowns, the digital lifestyle became a reality for everyone as it ushered in the “new normal”, fast-tracking a widespread digital pivot where many of us were forced to buy pretty much everything online. The pandemic may have disrupted our old ways, but it has proven that in the digital world, the possibilities are endless.

Neilson Navarrete is a Senior Industrial Designer in one of the leading research and development technology companies in Cebu. His work involves delivering hardware and digital designs, ensuring the day-to-day operations of their design team so they can deliver designs/reviews on time to global stakeholders. His work entails collaborating with multi-disciplinary project teams from the different parts of the globe to execute overall projects and deliverables.

WORK FROM HOME. If it weren’t for technology and connectivity, industrial designer Neilson Navarrete said he would have been jobless now.
WORK FROM HOME. If it weren’t for technology and connectivity, industrial designer Neilson Navarrete said he would have been jobless now.

“The designs that I create need to be reviewed in the U.S., manufactured in China, and developed in Cebu – this will not be possible without technology and connectivity,” says Neil.

“Food, entertainment, reuniting with old-time friends—name it, you can access it via present-day technologies,” adds Neil. However, Neil emphasizes the importance of balancing the digital and non-digital aspects of our lifestyle. “If we are not keen (what definition of keen are you referencing?), we may find ourselves glued to our laptop screens from 7 in the morning until 10 in the evening,” Neil joked.

Neilson admits he would have been jobless now if it weren’t for the availability of technology and connectivity as his work entails him to connect to stakeholders who are residing in different parts of the world.

With the country’s largest integrated telco PLDT and its wireless arm Smart Communications, Inc (Smart) accelerating the roll-out of fiber and LTE networks nationwide, employees, like Neilson, who work from home are ensured of the reliable connectivity they need to accomplish their deliverables for work.

PLDT’s nationwide fiber footprint is already at more than 422,000 kilometers. This same infrastructure supports Smart’s wireless network by making available high-capacity fiber connections for its LTE base stations. Smart’s mobile networks serve 96% of the population and are available in 95% of the country’s cities and municipalities.

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