In line with the Cebu Business Month 2016 theme “Digital Cebu,” organizers released an updated version of the Cebu Business Month mobile app.

The app will serve as guide to Cebu’s biggest business event, which is held every June. It will also feature stories and updates about the event in the months leading to it. The app will also include articles about the Cebu business community.

The app will contain an updated listing of events related to CBM 2016. During the CBM events, the app will contain stories, updates, and links to resources related to the talks and conferences. The app has a notifications feature that organizers will use to alert participants about the different CBM events.

Cebu Business Month 2016 app
CONFERENCE GUIDE AND MORE. The Cebu Business Month 2016 app will not only serve as guide during the month-long conference, it will also feature CBM 2016 stories as well as Cebu business updates in the months leading to it.

Cebu Business Month 2016

Cebu Business Month is the flagship project of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). CBM is organized to help inspire, promote, and grow Cebu business.

CBM 2016 will focus on technology and innovation and carry the theme “Digital Cebu.” CCCI said the event in June seeks to 1) promote the culture of innovation; 2) grow businesses through digital strategies and business analytics; 3) explore new technologies to upgrade business; 4) enhance governance through digital innovation; and 5) leverage digital technology.

Digital Cebu

“CBM 2016 is all about innovation and digital technologies. Digital Cebu is a statement of fact: Cebu is at the forefront of using technology to boost business. We are among the top locations for ICT and BPM companies. But we should not be complacent. Digital Cebu is also a rallying call: We need to harness digital technologies to boost our business and keep our edge,” said CBM 2016 chairperson Christian Paro-an.

The CBM 2016 app is now available for Android from the Google Play Store. The iOS version is still undergoing review prior to listing on the App Store. The app is developed and maintained by Cebu-based new media company InnoPub Media. (Press Release)

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