Plantation Bay Resort & Spa pulled out as host of the June 29 dinner of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs over the behavior of Marco Anzani, head of the tasting committee, during the advance tasting conducted last June 7.

Resort CEO J. Manuel González, in a signed letter to the gastronomic society, said Anzani “made it quite clear that he disapproved of our entire menu, except that it was “too late” to change it, as if this were our fault (the tasting should have been a month earlier, but he kept postponing).”

Each dish the resort presented “elicited some kind of pedantic, quasi-sneering, comment.”

I reached out to Anzani via a mutual friend but was told he would not be issuing a comment. I was also told the Chaine des Rotisseurs board will be the one that will issue a statement. I was told to expect the statement on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Three resort officials independently confirmed to me the authenticity of the letter. (The full letter is published at the end of this article.)

“We at Plantation Bay had put together a menu that we hoped would be fun and unpredictable, instead of the all-too-common Chaine dinner with choreographed service but cardboard food. In an apparent attempt to impress the other white men present with his importance and stature in Cebu, Mr. Anzani stood up and delivered a detailed monologue telling us all what was wrong with the meal we had just eaten. None of his white associate tasters – Didier Belmonte of Crimson, Brian Connelly of JPark, and David Barnes of ProClass Software contradicted him,” González wrote.

“Mr. Anzani’s tone and his assumption of automatic superiority were offensive, as was his refusal (upon arriving) to sit with anyone except his fellow white men for the tasting. I resent foreign persons of mediocre ability in the hospitality industry coming to the Philippines and giving themselves airs.”

González ended the letter by saying they will continue to host essentially the sme dinner for P3,500 Nett, the original amount they wanted to charge, and not the P5,000 they were told to collect “as certain parties in the Chaine instructed.”

Full letter by Manny González. (Note: I redacted his signature)

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