Using big data in a marketing campaign makes it more effective and offers sharper insights, Cebu businesses were told Thursday.

Talas Data Intelligence, Inc., the big data company of the PLDT Group, provided a preview of its Market Builder service during Thursday’s Cebu launch of PLDT #MyNumber in Radisson Blu Cebu in Cebu City. MarketBuilder is a self-service tool that allows companies to reach out to customers and provide promotions targeted by profiles on behavior and location.

Margaret Yunque, AVP – Big Data Product Head of Talas, said like the services available on, Market Builder allows companies to reach out to nearby mobile users and “turn them into customers through perks and deals.”

Talas Market Builder
TARGETED MARKETING. Market Builder allows businesses to mount targeted and hyper-local campaigns. (Photo

Telco view insights

Yunque said the “telco view” of PLDT and SMART gives the companies insights into customers’ behavior, including mobile device usage, and demographics. These data sets, she said in her presentation, will make businesses “accurately understand the market.”

In Cebu, for example, the data sets of Talas found that more than a million fit the Worker Bee profile, distinguishable by movement patterns from home to the office and other regular locations as well as usage of devices. Close to half a million are “stay at home” types.

Margaret Yunque Talas
MARKET BUILDER DEMO. Margaret Yunque, AVP – Big Data Product Head of Talas, demonstrates Market Builder to Cebu business leaders. (Photo:

Talas Cebu profiles

There are also more active feature phones rather than smartphones in Cebu. Among smartphones, an overwhelming number are Android devices. (Note: Yunque presented specific figures for the profiles but requested that not publish the specific figures because these were meant only for the presentation and not for the general public.)

Market Builder will allow businesses to target these demographic and usage profiles in crafting their offers and marketing campaigns. The marketing campaign is done through SMS and an app. Yunque said millennials “expect to get a perk aftering opting in to a marketing campaign.”

Market Builder Talas
MARKETING PLATFORM. Market Builder allows businesses to target customers by location, demographic and behavior. (Photo:

The service allows businesses to target marketing campaigns to the “right customer, at the right time, in the right place, with the right offer,” she said.

Among the companies trying out the service is Cebu-based real estate firm Primary Homes, Yunque added.

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