AI or artificial intelligence is more than just generative AI and other aspects of it can help journalists and writers do their jobs. That was a key point raised by journalist Max Limpag during a workshop last June 15, 2024 in Misfits Coffee.

The workshop, with the title “AI, big data tools, for journalism, research,” was part of the Artists Series of InnoPub Media. The series features artists, including writers, to talk about their creative process and the tools that they use.

Limpag, a blogger and journalist based in Cebu, started the discussion about the use of AI in journalism and research by saying that the technology is a boon for writers and journalists. He said they should not squander the opportunity of incorporating the different tools into their workflow.

Limpag told attendees that AI is more than just generative AI and he emphasizes the many benefits — or what he calls superpowers — creatives can tap in using AI to assist in their tasks: auto transcription, computer vision, automated PDF cataloging, extracting text from physical documents, and gaining insights from unstructured data.

The workshop participants were given an introduction on how they could use tools like Google Pinpoint, Open AI Whisper, TurboScribe, Notion, and Notebook LM.

Limpag also shared how he used Google Pinpoint and Notion to process data for his investigative stories such as Commission on Audit reports as well as those about stolen church items.

Dara is an undergraduate taking up BA Communication at the University of the Philippines Cebu. She is an impassioned woman particularly when it comes to reading and writing stories. She is currently a...