XODE Blockchain brings to the Philippines technology that provides the infrastructure for Web 3.0 or the next phase of the Internet where transparency and security of data are unparalleled and integrity of information is upheld.

The XODE blockchain technology is the first of its kind in the country, a revolutionary tool for empowering industries, investors, and entrepreneurs, company executives said during the launch in the NUSTAR Resort and Casino Convention Center on June 19, 2024.

LAUNCH. XODE executives and Acting Cebu City Mayor Raymund Alvin Garcia lead the company’s launch at NUSTAR Resort and Casino Convention Center with a toast.
LAUNCH. XODE executives and Acting Cebu City Mayor Raymund Alvin Garcia lead the company’s launch at NUSTAR Resort and Casino Convention Center with a toast. Credit: Marlen Limpag

Caesar Ditan, XODE Chief Marketing Officer, said today’s Web 2.0 where users give up control of their personal data when they sign up for digital services is broken. He cited as example the furor over Facebook allowing Cambridge Analytica access to the data of millions of its users.

“Web 3.0 is our answer to the problematic read and write Web 2.0. It’s read, write, and own,” Ditan added.

Blockchain innovations

XODE improves on the technology that stores transactional records, dubbed as the block, in several databases, known as the chain, in a connected peer-to-peer network. The stored information, called a digital ledger, is duplicated across a network of computers participating in the blockchain and couldn’t be changed without the permission of the other users. This allows for more transparent sharing of information and prevents tampering and manipulation of data.

Beyond the technological advancements of the blockchain, XODE introduces innovations like:

  • true interoperability and multi-asset support leveraging Polkadot teleporting,
  • ease-of-use environment using Substrate Framework modular approach to blockchain building,
  • multi-computer language support like Solidity, Rust, ink!, and Web Assembly,
  • XGame, Humidefi, and Xaver integration for Web3 gaming, DeFi services, and Hardware Client Node Solution,
  • decentralized Polkadot OpenGov Consensus.

The features offered by XODE are built on the Kusama Network, and its blockchains run parallel to the Polkadot Relay Chain and are called parachains.

Blockchain use in industries

Primarily created as a super-secure, decentralized database mechanism for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is also now being utilized by industries like power, medical, finance, and marketing and advertising. In energy trading, blockchain technology is reportedly providing more efficient, transparent, and secure transactions.

Chief Executive Officer Harold Glenn Minerva, during the launch, introduced their cryptocurrency wallet that runs on the XODE blockchain technology. He stressed that XODE Wallet is an extension of their blockchain technology with the added benefit of AI.

According to him, XODE’s vision is simple and that is to create a new kind of internet where users have control over their data. The company is organizing a series of hackathons throughout the country to introduce the technology to students and developers.

“Our vision is simple. We want to create we want to create a new kind of internet where you have full control of your data. Imagine a place where your information is secure, easily shared across different platforms and where you have a voice in how things evolve,” said XODE Co-founder Gahum Garcia.

Marlen is the editor of MyCebu.ph and co-founder of Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media.